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Cover to the 5th and final issue. this issue of the series takes place many years in the future. Earthmen are terra firming Mars and encounter Gullivar Jones and the daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris. I had fun making up the retro spacemen and playing with backlighting once again.
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So, this is if Edison had failed to ruin Tesla’s reputation?
Terra firming means changing Mars to be more like Earth, but also firming up their faction's control over the planet?  ;)

Gulliver and Dejah's daughter (not Tara) have recognized the overall political plan (him with his familiarity with older Earth, her with her political knowledge and training), and are doing their best to unite the Martian cities and tribes before their world is divided by the invaders.  But they were identified as troublemakers, and future humanity has decided to remove them as a problem.

The fun part for the Martians is every human arriving is nearly as strong as John Carter, so a direct fight is a problem.
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You mean terraforming right?
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It's not your best work but I love its dinamics, just like in Kirby's panels.
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beautiful command of composition
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There were either 11 books in the series or 14 depending on how you look at it . Doesn't matter this is a wonderful picture .
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Why would ANYONE want to terraform Barsoom? It's just lovely as it is! ;-)
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The more I look at the spacemen the more I'm reminded of toy figures I had as a kid in the early '60s. The helmets and backpack were a single piece of flexible gold plastic you placed over the spaceman figure and carefully pressed the belt shut.
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Great painting!!
The armor of girl remember Sonja!!
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Just love the old vision of Mars and space. You really create a wonderful atmosthere.

I love this series. Unfortanly I have not gotten this far yet. Live in Norway so I wait for the digital editions from comicX.
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Amazing work, as always!! ;D I always look forward to seeing your work.
I didn't get into many sci fi books, but I always loved the cover art. Nice job.
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That mist in the background is awe-inspiring!! WOW!!
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Did you base the spacemen's helmets on Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet? They really remind me of him, especially the little antennas.
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the daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris.

Would that be Tara, as introduced in The Chessmen of Mars?
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Nifty ! Like a battle between two schools of Pulp cover characters !
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Don't you mean Terra FORMING?
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Beautiful artwork Joe, love the way you do skin tones & rendering. Also love the way you did the rocks & background!:painter:
P.S. Do you paint on straight canvas, or do you put a clear coat on it 1st?..
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I work on unprimed cold pressed illustration board. I varnish it afterward.
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Thanks for the info Joe, really appreciate it!:handshake:
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Looks fabulous Joe! I'd love having this artwkork framed and hanging on my wall.
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That's easily arranged. :-)
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