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The Greatest Treasure

One of my favorite splash pages from the Tomb Raider book I painted. An ex of mine filled in at the last minute when the model I was going to use crapped out.
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OH WAIT This is YOUR Comic, my mistake I thought this was based on the topcow items.
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That is AWESOME, I do not remember having a half-naked blonde female in the tomb raider comic series though.
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I wouldn't say half, cuz she's almost naked in just her undies. 😁

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Why do they even bother putting words in comics ? Heheh.
Very amazing.
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You have great pictures, and comics are good.I´ve downloaded some of thesse on internet.Maybe are yours.I don´t understand if the girls you paint are real persons and you inspire on them or if are your originals.
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A blond girl, half dirt, with rats only with pens..and LARA CROFT?!? this is like some comercial used for animes when put the mysterial part ast post.tHE BEST.People asks: what ahell? This is good.lET´S SEE.
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Portugal equals nitwit?
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nop ma friend.. USA is. but yay u've learned a new country just today didnt ya u benighted? ^-^
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these tomb raider paintings have aroused different kinds of emotions in me. first off all let me tell u that u are a very talented painter, these paints are brilliant and u capture real motions and shapes very well! buuuuut >_< im not really sure if this is the best way to capture Lara... i mean, its a fan art i know and u are picturing her as u want, i respect that, im just giving my personal opinion about it :P i dunno... those Laras u paint all seem to me like 40-50 year old ladies a bit oily and ''too old for the job'' and they also reflect an aspect of prostitute, not her carateristic sexy look... well its not my intention to say your works are bad! your works are amazing im just talking about the way u picture Lara that i dont realy agree thats all :3 but again, great painting ^^
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1) They're not "fan art". These are all commercial assignments for Top Cow and Eidos. Do your research.

2) She looks like a 50 year old PROSTITUTE???? I'd like to see the prostitutes where YOU live! >sheesh<
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omg is just an opinion >.< dont take it that serious! well... i dont read tomb raider comics im a tomb raider gammer so i dont really know anything abot Top Cow, im being honest! About eidos... i saw the representation of Lara that came out of there... and its nothing like in those pictures >_< i see Lara as young, athletic woman in 20s... and really.... that body from your paint is from a 40-50 year old women! A good Lara model would be Allison carroll for instance... that represents Lara very well, not only in movement but also in the body shape. --> [link]

not that women from your paintings :x that lara reminds me something like this --->[link]

i live in portugal ^^
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I like this Tomb Raider.She´s not old or women like in your link she is just strong, hard and severe that make his skin stick in the mucle.Very muscular and with that dirt with impression of stink or sweat makes her very atractive mainly in that ambience.Imagine Kate Beckinsale from underworld, more muscular with dirt and more boobs.Her muscular rudeness doen´t make her like old but is just be hard/severe and thet makes Tomb raider hot and atractive as a person too like courage, adventure, mystery...I love tom raider and all began in a Sega Saturn game in the firstTomb Raider`s game/saga.It was amazing.
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I love it when a person feels obligated to point out all the nuances in a piece of art that somehow dont fit their own personal preferences. What on Earth do these comments have to do with anything? They have nothing to do with the art, just your own agenda. "Youre a great painter but your character looks like a 50 year old prosititute." Um....thanks? Its a fictional friggin' character! Fan art?! Lol! Are you kidding me?!
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well the point of existing comment boxes is to comment (no wai!ya wai.) and thats what i did ^-^ as i said im not questioning anything i just said i dint liked the way that the character was represented and far as i know these beautifull comment boxes are for ppl apreciate the art and say what they think/feel and what they dont like as well. just like i did ^-^
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The painting was perfect!
But the hair, face, arms and hands that blonde in the foreground stole the whole scene!!
You surpassed Joe.
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haha I need to read this story :3
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Wish I knew what the hell is going on... gotta track down a copy.
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This pretty funny.
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wow perfect lighting and colour.
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Well it seems at least some of us end up pretty well off with our exes. Most couldn't claim that.
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One extreme or the other. LOL
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