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TALES OF SUSPENSE #80 recreation

Catching up on a lot of long overdue commissions. This is a painted recreation of Jack Kirby's Tales of Suspense #80 cover. I try to stay as faithful to the original source material as possible, so it's always a challenge deciding what to keep and what to change. I kept the Red Skull very close to the original cover as Kirby's figure was as dynamic as one could get, but redrew Cap with accurate, more realistic anatomy that falls more in line with my style. Really happy with the final amalgam. 
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Love it! At the time I bought that issue I thought Heck inking Kirby looked way better than I expected. A very pleasant surprise.
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Beautiful work.
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Man I wish I could  paint like that that I only write stories, nice details on the red skulls cloths with all the lines and folds.
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Going Old School with the Cosmic Cube.....sweet!
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Wonderful work here Joe. I always admire your own unique style of painting, and yet how you stay true to the original artist feel of the work. You are a true credit to your craft.
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Super interpretation Joe.............................those pointy Kirby knees and elbows can be challenging, your decisions on what to keep and what to adapt to better suit your style were all perfectly made!!!
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An impressive recreation of a classic.
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I've been a big fan since the 90s and love your art work. This is very awesome.
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:D cool one, very nice
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Wow! You've really done it this time Joe!!!
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Magnificent!  :)

Thanks for keeping the Captain classic ... :)
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He's a challenge. The bones are there, though. Cap's right shoulder/trap area was where the biggest revision to real anatomy occurred. 
Very nice work Joe. :-) I often have issues with Kirby anatomy "touchups" in a lot of recreations of his art, but this is beautiful.
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Holy Schnikey!

That is just superb.

Joe, I recently got your DVD and really enjoyed it, loved watching the step by step on Sheena.  I even got a copy of Brushwork Essentials, great book.

Is your website contact page a good place to send you a message, or do you prefer this site?
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Definitely my site. I almost always forget to check messages here. Glad you found the DVD useful. I wasn't sure how well it worked out.
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The DVD was outstanding for me.  I'm trying to learn how to paint, and I'm a " show me " kind of learner.  So watching you approach something step by step, and also seeing how long it took is a huge plus for me.
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Looking back at the original cover, it appears there’s a contrast in realism between the figures (brought in by the inker?). Your version makes it more apparent. Red Skull should forever be a :thumbsup:
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Yeah, aside from his face I kept the Skull pretty much the same! He's perfect as is.
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