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She-Hulk on Muscle Beach

Marvel Press poster, late 80's
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I have to say, that I don't care for superheroes anymore, because I'm not a little kid -and I've never cared for She-Hulk. That said, I'd want this image as a big poster on my wall -it's that cool and sexy.

I just wonder if you used some images of real bodybuilders for reference, because some of them look like Arnold's friends. The one on the back/center looks like Franco Columbu for example. Huge respect for your painting skills here

She's not only strong, but so beautiful as well! I just go back to this poster because every part of her is so gorgeous that I want to capture it in my mind.

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I have this poster from back in the day and still love it!  Beautiful work!
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great work, i might be an adult however have many of your mini poster card that were sold in the 90's
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HAHAHAHAHA...she's sexy and she knows it! Love Giggle   Fabulous! Clap 
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a beautiful pic
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This is one of your best works...^_^
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I had this poster hanging in my room for years from 11 to 15. I was reminded of it a few minutes ago and was looking it up to show a friend. I so want this poster again!!!
Joe, you rule!! I have a lot of your work and still have my collection of comics.
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In the early 90's this image was on a Marvel Comics screensaver I bought (yes, bought like at a store) for my very first PC. I dare say it was my very first wallpaper. My mother was not pleased.

Still amazing after all these years!  
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Astonishing display of skill posing and color mixing. You sir are a legend!
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Please draw a TF sequence of shulkie
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Still one of my favorite images of she-hulk.  Sexy and strong just like her.   Sadly poster came out before I was really reading comics regularly.
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hot & awesome work.
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I would pay to get this on my wall
I used to have a poster of this..maybe I still do.
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Traditional media-1, Digital-0
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This is just terrific ! I love everything about it. The bodybuilders expressions, their poses, the paperback in her hand ! Fantastic ! Fantastic !
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wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! amazing!!! love very much the 80 retro style!!! the colors, the way the body draws!!!! simply amazing!!! thank you a lot for that piece of art!
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Finally got a hold of one of these posters, after month and month of stalking eBay. Now it dominates my wall and it's amazing, just gotta say once again how awesome your work is.
I put this photo up on my fatso blog to inspire me to work out.
(It links back to this page for people to find you.)
Hope that's okay with you. :)
Also, do you sell posters of this?
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I would be truly honored if you would allow me to feature this in a new YouTube video tribute to the "She-Hulk." If you don't want it featured i will respect that and not put it in, or if you say yes. I will guarantee that your name will be in the credits and a link to your DA page or other homepage if you prefer in the video description.
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