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By JoeJusko
By far my favorite Star Trek series! Done as a 3 piece trading card puzzle.
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This is really great work.

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Great persons and their adventures become fantastic stories. Those stories turn into Legend over time. Then once so much time passes and new societies develop, these Legends become Mythos. It's a way of keeping them alive for future generations reaching eons into the unknown, still alive during all those millennia to come.

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absolute excellent
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uhura looks like she wants to kill
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the real star trek.
all the rest are fun.
but this is the amazing foundation stone

very nice job sir.
and "grade A" job on the notoriously hard to paint Shatner face
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Holy this is FANTASTIC! I am glad there is another TOS fan out there as their #1 series :) 
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The only one missing is Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) 
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Captain Kirk and his comrades were the finest crew in Starfleet.
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The best of the best, imo. Fantastic job on this top notch painting.  +fav 
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One of my all-time favorite shows as well...Excellent artwork!
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Wow!! This is so amazing I hade to download it, and what season is this from? :D (Big Grin) Love Clap I think I've fainted. Heart 
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Awesome.  Seriously awesome.
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Stunning.  I hope you don't mind if I share it on a facebook page I help run.  With credit of course  :)
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Great work, I have been a Fan of the series.
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Fantastic.. seen this around.
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That is incredible!  I have admired your work for years Joe.
Awesome piece of work!  Still have a deep affection for these characters.  You captured them beautifully here, Joe
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Very nice, indeed!
It's so great! I love Star Treck!
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My fav star trek tv series is The Next Generation !!
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