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SILVER SURFER #4 Recreation

Always fun to do these. I try to stay as close to the original covers as possible to retain the feeling of nostalgia people have for them.  13"x20" Acrylic
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These guys sure don't mess around.
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wow, another surfer pic!
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Hugely inspiring ! The diagonal placing of the two figures against the purplish , bluish background creates a dynamic composition of tension and balance . The silver surfer, with it's chrome-like  chiaroscuro , is brilliantly showcased against the dark skycap, and the brilliant tones of the Thor-like figure work equally well against the more muted colors of the supporting rainbow. truly, a marvel, and another excellent example of Classic Illustration Art. the lilac 'script' of the sky, borrowing from the colors of the vaulted planet also constitutes a mastery of color . BRAVO, MR JUSKO !
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I remember this issue. It was a wonderful adventure like most of the adventures of that era. I have checke out.  Oribinal art is by the amazing Buscema bros. Keep up the good work
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Nice! A great tribute to a great cover!
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Big John would have approved !!-PerfectO'
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You really captured the awesome look of the original and made it look better with your paint.:iconclappingplz:

I love how you did the original motion lines and added a blur effect to them making the Surfer look like a missile coming right at Thor. I also love how you enhanced Thor's musculature making him look even more ripped and tensed for the fight. :love:
Two of my favorites nice job!
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One of the greatest covers of all time, bar none.

No one is ever going to say that about anything being done today, no disrespect to any modern comic artists.

Great work, John was, and you are, a master!
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Love, nothing but love!
Cant say more then that, looking forward to more and the new card set.

One day i will be rich and afford your painting, LOL.
I do use your work to inspire and imagine.

Ever thought about coming out to the Las Vegas conventions?
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Outstanding!! There's not allot of you guy's left, love the original super hero look!!
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One of my favorite covers of all time!
Your metallic texture on the Surfer is outstanding, sir!!!
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Impressive recreation, Buscema would be proud.
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John's been my idol since childhood. Thanks for the compliment!
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He's one of mine too, and believe me, the compliment is very well deserved.
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A fantastic upgrade for a truly classic cover!
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Impossible to upgrade one of the greatest covers of all time, but it was a real joy to paint. :-) 
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Love I think I've fainted. SEND TO GROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waaaah! Nod 

ClapClapClapClapLOVE THIS!!!!!ClapClapClapClap


Calling the bank now to take out a loan. Maybe 2nd mortgage on the house. May have to go back to doing porn to make extra money to afford this.
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