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Queens Of Darkness And Light

Huge (24'x36") painting commission by a woman as a 25th anniversary present for her husband. Now THAT is a great wife! :-)
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Hi Joe, I always loved your work I was also one of the first to open a case of your trading card set and make a set from that case and I still have that same set keep in mint condition still today. Thank you for sharing with us your work that is legend. :)
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Where can i find a lady like that! Great job Joe!
Klenesk's avatar that's OLD SCHOOL Frazetta/Vallejo cover shit right there man!
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 Very nice work.......VERY nice! :)
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Incredibile piece with two deathly lady's....and that white tiger is soo stunning like always! You rock Joe!! 
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Hi, hello from Brazil,your art is incredible, love the step by steps. Lots of teachings. Thank you !!
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That's a hell of a present :wow:

I love the whole image and everything in it but in particular I adore the graveyard it's like something out of a Hammer Horror film. 
Superb work!!!  Those characters have character!!
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:wow:  an outstanding piece!! :clap:
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Absolutely fantastic!!! :jawdrop:
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So well done, mate!! Mongo jealous.
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Beautiful work!  Love the colours and shadings, and all the attention to detail.  :hooray:

Sounds like that couple has an awesome relationship going! :w00t:
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Thanks! I've known them for a while. Wonderful couple (with great taste in art)! :-)
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You're welcome.

(Of course they do, they commissioned you! ;) )
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hope my wife thinks like this when the time going to make any prints ?
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Eventually. I'll let you know!
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