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MARS ATTACKS! War In The Middle East

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Topps is releasing an updated set of their classic 1962 MARS ATTACKS! trading cards and I was asked to provide a 6 card subset entitled "Man vs. Martian. As a fan of these cards since childhood I was thrilled to participate and had an absolute blast! I painted them a bit smaller than usual (approx 7"x10") so wouldn't be tempted to render too tightly. I wanted to keep a bit of a retro, pulpy feel to them.

Here are a couple of links to Non Sport Update's preview pages

Assignment Description from Topps;

In the Persian Gulf, Saudi rebels have quit their fight against the west to defend humanity from invading Martians, and their unconventional tactics seem to be working.  
In an ironic twist, the hot, dry and sandy desert landscape has been frozen solid.  In the image we see a Saudi soldier-- who wields a dinged up Martian rifle— hiding behind some cover (perhaps a burned out rebel hideout).  The rifle was taken, from the dead alien at his feet—who has been knifed through the brain with a big pipe or tool.  The Saudi protects an innocent woman, and prepares to ambush another approaching Martian, who lurks through the icy terrain.  As he waits behind his cover, we can see his cold breath in the frozen desert wasteland—he is nervous but determined, resolute to vanquish the enemy.
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Well, at least they killed one

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Despicable Me 3 - Annoyed Gru Icon  Freeze ray! Freeze ray, freeze ray! Gru icon 
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islandguyPrProfessional Photographer
glad to see here it is different as to what happened in movie.
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Alpha-SquidHobbyist General Artist
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Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
Amazing, well done:)
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mcwakHobbyist General Artist
thats what i call a classic (in my opinion)
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paulneryProfessional Digital Artist
Great work!! :clap:
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ArtbyBonesProfessional Digital Artist
These really are fantastic Joe. The series suits your style so well, too. Great stuff.
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its the alien ahkmed
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wondermanrules Traditional Artist
I love how you did the reflection effects on the ice and snow. I especially like the dinged and pitted space suit on the martian, it really makes it look like its been through a few battles. :clap:
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
It was important that it not look like ice, but frozen sand. It would not have worked otherwise.
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wondermanrules Traditional Artist
I think you captured it so no worries there. :thumbsup:
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nailsinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well here's an interesting turn of events.
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jdoem Traditional Artist
I knew this would happen shortly after Slim Whitman died.  :( 

Seriously though, awesome work!
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
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el-douglasProfessional General Artist
I love this series Joe, such a classic!
Saludos from Costa Rica.

(ps/ I sent you a note as you told me)
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
KK I'll look. Great to hear from you!
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If he can just get that gun to a a scientist for study, the humans might just be able to learn how to make ray death ray weapons! THEN we'll see what's what eh?
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