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Topps is releasing an updated set of their classic 1962 MARS ATTACKS! trading cards and I was asked to provide a 6 card subset entitled "Man vs. Martian. As a fan of these cards since childhood I was thrilled to participate and had an absolute blast! I painted them a bit smaller than usual (approx 7"x10") so wouldn't be tempted to render too tightly. I wanted to keep a bit of a retro, pulpy feel to them.

Here are a couple of links to Non Sport Update's preview pages

Assignment Description from Topps;

The Martians did not understand humanity's altruism, laying down their many lives to save an innocent few.
In a small Russian town, a SPETZNAZ officer— the last of his defeated squad who we can see smoking in the background-- faces off against a Martian, to save the life of a young boy and his mother.   The town is destroyed— maybe we see dead bodies of men and women-- and this boy might very well be the last civilian survivor.  In the sky, a fleet of saucers sweeps past.
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ValerieWintersHobbyist General Artist
very cool 
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ACK ACK! lol my dad said that for YEARS.
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tgbbgt112Hobbyist General Artist
man this looks awesome :D but why is the martian bleeding red? is it something about the trading cards or something, we didn't have them :/
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TheTooginatorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Excellent work! You caught the look of the cards perfectly! I have a book of reprints of all the cards and they were great.
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its not something to under estimate
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Randomguy211Student Photographer
Or as Us War of the worlds fans would know it
the spirit of man
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jaja beautiful
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So it!
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
These were so much fun!
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Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
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Willdabeast-0305Hobbyist Writer
It may be campy, but it's still pretty deep.
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ChinusMetallicusProfessional Artisan Crafter
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TreyosHobbyist Writer
It's interesting to see the variation from the specific request and the direction that you ended with on these.  Some are pretty much exact while others are quite a bit different.  Do you generally send back a few sketch ideas and let them pick or just run with whatever vision you see?
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
The specs were general ideas that I adapted. While a couple are altered a bit to produce an interesting picture, I'm not sure any of them are wildy different from the initial concepts. I sent over one sketch for each. Unless more are requested I tend to go with my first idea. Which ones ate you referring to?
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TreyosHobbyist Writer
Looking back through them, I guess it was more just certain specifics that were left out and jumped out at me, while some (like Beaches and Bronx Zoo) are dead-on to what they requested.  With Will of Man, you just seem to have zoomed in a lot more than what they were describing, with the fleet of saucers and bodies in the background, and with Jungle Mission, you switched goring the tribesman to, um... barbequing him?  Which makes more sense for the Martians than stabbing would, but hey.  I just know that some clients can be extremely particular about their requests, while others give a lot of freedom to the artist.
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wondermanrules Traditional Artist
I think you definitely captured to old feel of the original cards and I think your version of the martians just makes them look a lot slicker and scarier than they came across in the original set. :clap:
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
Norm Saunders painted those original cards really quickly. Pretty scary for the time, though.
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wondermanrules Traditional Artist
Yeah for the time they were scary. Some of the originals are still pretty freaky.

But since then so many sci fi alien horrors have been thrown at the public and then you have the whole goofy spin Tim Burton did for the Mars Attacks movie... It just really didn't help to keep them scary and menacing.

I think with the stuff you did on this cards you brought the martians back to being actually scary and threatening and not the joke they eventually became.
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telgegaHobbyist General Artist
angle looks off by........alot
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
Shoot me.
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telgegaHobbyist General Artist






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rostridgeHobbyist General Artist
Fantastic! The fire effects are great!
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
I was happy with them, too. THX
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nailsinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like the Martian got the better way out.
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