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Topps is releasing an updated set of their classic 1962 MARS ATTACKS! trading cards and I was asked to provide a 6 card subset entitled "Man vs. Martian. As a fan of these cards since childhood I was thrilled to participate and had an absolute blast! I painted them a bit smaller than usual (approx 7"x10") so wouldn't be tempted to render too tightly. I wanted to keep a bit of a retro, pulpy feel to them.

Here are a couple of links to Non Sport Update's preview pages

Assignment Description from Topps;

The Martians did not anticipate the humans to be so cunning!
Overwhelmed by superior technology and greater numbers, the NYPD lays a trap for the Martians, luring them into the Bronx zoo!  Underestimating the power and ferocity of the animals, the Martians are mauled to death by a big cat as police offers watch/take action.  
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Great ! Back when I was a kid I had a full set of the "Mars Attacks!" cards. My mother threw them away saying they would give me nightmares!
Kilala-Rossi-Paris's avatar
maybe this will teach everyone not to mess with the Big cat family group !
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maxwestartProfessional Traditional Artist
This is sheer genius.

I've read all about the Mars Attacks cards and also about Norm Saunders.  His painting for Mars Attacks as well as pulp covers is just mind-boggling; there's a feel there that we can't get today from digital creations rendered with Photoshop, SAI, Painter, etc. 
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Blue-and-DogHobbyist General Artist
God, just seeing the cover of the movie gave me nightmares as a kid. Nice to see earth animals taking charge.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Lions love the taste of Martian flesh.
TriassicLane's avatar
This has to be my favorite MA art, As finally the animals get in on the action to kick some Martian ass after being slaughter by the Martians on every occasion.
Letdragon's avatar
Dumbass Martians. XD
tigris115's avatar
Would alien meat make lions sick?
Mr-Illusionist-1331's avatar
Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
krithargus's avatar
I loved these cards,and your work, hope you're having fun.
ShockRockRecords's avatar
Great, when will the gets released?
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achossaHobbyist Digital Artist
haha excellent set :D must've been a laugh doing these
It's interesting that you went with red bloodied martians
NexusDX's avatar
You can't even fuck with the big cats in the Bronx! Awesome.
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wildpegasus13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SXGodzillaHobbyist Traditional Artist
pwned? :D
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twistedmentalityProfessional General Artist
thats awesome!
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THFan259Hobbyist Writer
You've been featured in my journal entry :aww:
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WesGuthrieProfessional Interface Designer
This is some incredible stuff right here. Any ETA on when the cards are going to be released so I can save up and buy the whole box?  :)
JoeJusko's avatar
JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
I believe it's October.
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PeterkatHobbyist General Artist
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JoeJuskoProfessional Traditional Artist
Peterkat's avatar
PeterkatHobbyist General Artist
Your welcome!
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