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MARS ATTACKS! Jungle Mission

By JoeJusko
Topps is releasing an updated set of their classic 1962 MARS ATTACKS! trading cards and I was asked to provide a 6 card subset entitled "Man vs. Martian. As a fan of these cards since childhood I was thrilled to participate and had an absolute blast! I painted them a bit smaller than usual (approx 7"x10") so wouldn't be tempted to render too tightly. I wanted to keep a bit of a retro, pulpy feel to them.

Here are a couple of links to Non Sport Update's preview pages

Assignment Description from Topps;

Martians are on a mission to install a weapons platform deep in the jungles of Peru!
A terrified, primitive native tribesman (or woman) reacts in horror to a Martian soldier, sinisterly approaching through the jungle underbrush.  The Martian has just gruesomely gored another tribesman, and the protagonist in the foreground is next! Maybe through the trees we can see a saucer hovering up above, a short distance off, it’s underside propulsion discs glowing blue in the dimly lit jungle.
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Oh no! What's going to happen to her?
window09's avatar
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OMFG this is very very cool
Alpha-Squid's avatar
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Awesome! You did a fantastic job! They chose wisely!
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haha man i love mars attacks! this is really incredible stuff :D
freakinweirdo's avatar
Oh no!  What's going to happen to her?  She's very pretty, it'd be a shame for her to get zapped, but I can't see it any other way.  Hm?
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You must like Wally Woods too.

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Amazing stuff... :D
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Fabulous work, buddy! Brilliant art! :iconbravoplz:
wondermanrules's avatar
That is probably one of the scariest version of the Mars Attacks martians I've seen. :iconscreamingplz:

I also love that you threw in the spiteful act of the Martian frying that monkey for no reason to really drive home what a bunch of pricks they are. :clap:
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It was my tribute to the "Destroying a Dog" card from the original set.
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hehe nice! They re-used the same concept in Dinosaur's Attack with the card "Crushing a Canine" :XD:
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Holy, epic-ally magnificent! The Martian is stunning and the Scenery is incredible! The characters, horror, spaceship, plant life, lighting,colors, style, uniqueness, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
JoeJusko's avatar
Wow, that a huge compliment! Thank you!
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Well, that monkey has definitely been shocked...

(Pardon me. :) Was just listening to Peter Gabriel. I'm enjoying this series plenty).
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