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King of the Beasts

Signature piece from the Edgar Rice Burroughs trading cards.
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You forgot tarzan's locket. Tarzan wears a locket around his neck that belonged to his mother and has photos of her and his father inside. he also has a scar across his brow that turns bright red, when angry. I think he also wears a band on his head, to keep his hair out of his eyes. He also almost always has a rope made from grass, it being his favorite weapon next to his father's knife.
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So amazing...
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Poor old lion... Beautiful work!
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Man,I gotta tell you...never mind.How do you feel about this one?
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Amazing anatomy
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This was always one of my favorites. The level of muscular detail is amazing.
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Tarzan is.....Sylvester Stallone?
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Your technique always has me mesmerised! SUCH a beautiful piece!
Absolutely beautiful! Popular catchphrase as of late...This is Sparta! Well...This Is TARZAN!!!!
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Daaaammmmnnn ... did you make this? I expect no? ^^
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the world's most beautiful picture of Tarzan - das weltweit schönste Bild von Tarzan
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the world's most beautiful picture of Tarzan[link] - das weltweit schönste Bild von Tarzan
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nice work.............
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I think the body looks amazing, muscles look perfect and very awesome pose :)

Couple things that stuck out. The blood on the blade is the only blood that I can really see in the scene. Almost makes it look like the cat is playing dead. Blood doesn't have any shading or highlights, and kinda grabbed my attention immediately in contrast to your amazing muscle structure here. It even pushes beyond Frazetta detail work which is probably why the blood stuck out to me so much.

Ack, just something I noticed. Phenomenal job though :) Esp as I've been doing so many muscle studies myself, you really have this shit down!
"TARZAN model is the spittin' image of Frank Zane, a world renowned bodybuilder from the late 60's onwards. One of the best from that era, compliments indeed.
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awesome man!! but i honestly think that it would be more badass and more fair for the animal to be killed by the man's bare hands..
man you make muscle like nobody, try to make super muscle girls
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Just ...Impresive.
The lights, the muscle rendering...
Th best Tarzan I've seen...
Raubritter's avatar are the real artist?
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One of the most amazing Tarzan i've ever seen ! Wait.... one second please... THE most amazing Tarzan is what i meant !!
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Wonderfull work, congratulations !!!!
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Wow, you are truly a master. I have always loved your work, sir.
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