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Jungle Mirage

Double page splash from "Tomb Raider; The Greatest Treasure of All"
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Lara of the jungle
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wow!!! its perfect!!!
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The detail in this is amazing, great job!
AdrianMinotaur's avatar
Either that guy is screwed or he's the Luckiest man on Earth!
ephelan's avatar
This was the first of your works that I ever beheld. I was instantly smitten and studied it for what seemed like hours. I only loathe that I did not find you on DA sooner.
alesaenz's avatar
I have this comic book in my collection! I didn't imagine that you maybe on DV. Great!
SSX12345's avatar
WOAH That is perfect! I love that comic series!
alubb77's avatar
omg, this is stunning. great job.
restif's avatar
Just amazing, really like your work!
Yuko-Sempai's avatar
I can't even say how much this piece is just wicked.
It's so realistic, and everythinglooks the way it's suppose to: luscious jungle, great water, ferocious lion, and a Lara whose confident. :D She totally looks awesome with the lion!! Just awesome!!
And the way she's looking at the guy...XDD Someone better run.

Fantastic work!! :love:
kali69's avatar
¡HA! If that guy's Chase Carver, he's really in big troubles.
ogrebear's avatar
[insert joke about Lara's pussy here]
loshmi's avatar
When you have a beautiful women, a lion and a jungle painted in realistic style, there's a danger that picture might look kitschy. But not this one. Expression of a lion and Lara are awesome and out of cliches. I guess the expression of a guy in the water would be awesome too ;)
Her expression is awesome. You've done a really good job with the wet fabric.
NaughtyBoy83's avatar
Ur TR Arts Always are Awesome.
daborien's avatar
KerrianneHarrrington's avatar
Love it. I love how you take a character that is instantly recognisable, done by many others and completely make it your own.
Zeffen-Lynx's avatar
Great stuff! I love how you place strong yet subtle emphasis on her muscles. She should be at least a little bit believable as a character, yet still quite buxom. Looking forward to more! :D
Nylak's avatar
Stop being so goddamn amazing already. o_o
BujuMan's avatar
i actually remeber this issue.
thanks for the upload. fine piece of art.
DemoraFairy's avatar
Wow, that's so awesome!
dreamersaint's avatar
haha, wow, this is brilliant, youve got the textures exactly, how long did this take??
JoeJusko's avatar
Couple of weeks
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