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JAMES BOND Store Exclusive Comic Cover

You can get both versions here;
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James Bond is totally the man.
usn1's avatar
Very cool! :)
Gremlich's avatar
Awesome work, Joe, glad to see you posting again
JoeJusko's avatar
Been REALLY busy! Back in spurts, though! :-)
hurdygurdyguy's avatar
Oh man, that is dope!!! You've done for Bond what you've done for John Carter and Dejah Thoris!
JoeJusko's avatar
Big compliment! Thanks!
mlh70's avatar
Do you plan on selling this in a large print form?
rostridge's avatar
Very cool! Love the composition and your use of negative space. Shag carpet for the win!
wytherwing's avatar
awesome cover art! :thumbsup:
Samarai's avatar
Not so much a fan of the series as I am of the Daniel Craig Bond movies.  Always thought the older ones were a bit cheesy and, frankly, not at all like the books.
The little dudes in the inserts/bullet holes kind of remind me of the opening title sequences for archer.  
Overall, though, you pretty much nailed the whole Bond mystique.
Plus, Also, Too, Besides - just nice to see you posting again.  Always a treat.
lavalamp-genie's avatar
Always a joy for the eyes.
JBSWIF's avatar
Stellar work
TheDorkKnightReturns's avatar
I didn't know there were James Bond comics. 
PeubloShatner's avatar
One of my favourite covers of all the variants.
wondermanrules's avatar
You really captured the 1960s era Bond posters and Jim Steranko's Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD stuff. Beautiful, beautiful work :clap:
japender61's avatar
Fabulous work! Ian Fleming would be pleased.
RobMitchem's avatar
Cool layout with the cross hairs, skull, and oo7 in the chamber. 
Awesome!  w00t! 
What store? if you're able to tell
PJToon75's avatar
This is spectacular. Excellent work.
BenHammonds's avatar
very good Joe, Im a big Bond fan, love the books
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