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Cover for Marvel Double Shot #1
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Love it so cool!
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should be on a wall of a building...
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LOVE the Hulk here!
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"Rarrrgggh! Yellow hair not move fast enough to avoid Hulk!"
"On the contrary, monster... I'm far too fast for you!"
KenJeremiassen's avatar
Now THAT'S Hulk!!! :D
tenchimyo's avatar
Thor's cape, in particular, is very striking to me in thie
Maxgarcia's avatar
I travel in that Hulk ... Well gorilla, as in the old Sal Buscema.
I just thought that the ankle could have been a little thinner.
Joe , this is a Masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, excellent Hulk. Whenever I draw the Hulk i always manage to make him look like a GQ version. Mine always has this tiny waist and ginat upper and lower body (kinda like an hour glass). I always forget to add extra meat and I like how you did it.
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I loathe the proportioned Hulk! He should be built like a safe and look like a wall. His waist and chest are essentially the same size. And NO pinhead. It looks stoopid!
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He DOES look pissed!
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One of my faves' of yours.
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The Hulk is so much fun to paint! I hate the "pinhead" version, though, so I stay away from it.
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This is a great piece. Whenever I see these two characters together I can't help but think about that TV movie they made.

JoeJusko's avatar
I always wanted to paint a version of the cover to Journey into Mystery #112, where they're fighting each other. One day!
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Old school.
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this is so awesome !
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i find it hard to believe you make it with Acrylic ..its almost Digitally perfect ...
JoeJusko's avatar
I'm anal that way1 LOL
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=D I love LOVE LOVE this Hulk rendition :nod:
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You sir, are a credit to our race. Excellent work.
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