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Greatest Treasure pg 35

Page from my painted "Tomb Raider; The Greatest Treasure of All" book for Top Cow
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mistyjess's avatar
lion expression is amazing
destination95's avatar
Your work is simply outstanding! My copy of your Creator Chronicles DVD arrived recently from the US and is absolutely inspirational. Thank you. :-)
atdoodle's avatar
oh my god!!! Awesome
Zaber2000's avatar
Whoa... Lion looks scary! This is wonderful!
Lord-Akuma's avatar
That's an insane level of realism on the lion.
oakstreetphotovideo's avatar
That lion's face is amazing! It is nearly photo-realistic and so expressive. Laura looks great, too. All of your work is unbelievable. Your talent and dedication are undeniable.
The good pet for the good girl...
illmurray's avatar
oh no! the lion's power cord has been severed!

seriously though, this is amazing. it's like a photo but better.
AremBefanti's avatar
awesome work on this comic. Each panel looks great.
albatrash's avatar

Erm, is the lion meant to look like a mentalist?
Chrono1209's avatar
still one of my favorite pieces from you
ChristopherStevens's avatar
You do great people, Joe, but your animals are mind boggling. That's the most bad ass lion I've ever seen. I don't even see Lara because of that lion. Incredible!
EvilGermanTier's avatar
That lion looks like he's getting a enema.
vovay's avatar
this work was published in the magazine of k9 in ukraini
JoeJusko's avatar
YES! They sent me a bunch of copies!!!! I loved the magazine!
AlexandraValeria's avatar that lion is not friendly!
J-Estacado's avatar
I wish I could knew the tools/size you used for those pics :lol:
I often look at the whole comics, and said "that's insane" or something like that :)

Definitly something i'll be never able to do, beside I get a lack of patience :lol:

respect !
Ashalind's avatar
I have never seen a painted lion which such emotion! It is absolutely magnificent.
is like a frazetta copy.
This is really amazing! It would take me years to do something like that!
Dan-Van-Cool's avatar
*goose bumps*
I feel like I just snuck up on them and they didnt like that at all.
Awesome sense of motion, its like laura is just finishing her stance to threaten the viewer.
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