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Greatest Treasure pg 19

Page from my painted "Tomb Raider; The Greatest Treasure of All" book for Top Cow
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Seriously awesome work!

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I think among my best!
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Love the reflections in the Lion's's that attention to the little details that makes work believable.
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That's what makes it fun for me!
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wow. The realism is exquisite. Thanks for sharing it.
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Great art, anyway - most comics don't have covers that good.
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This is amazing!
Well..all of your work is really amazing!
Love the realism, the background ...everything!
This is breathtaking!
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I always loved Lara wearing her shades!
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I love this one and how you have acuratly painted the natural outside lighting conditions very realistic.
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Thanks! It's one of my favorite pages!
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absolutely smashing work sir!
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This and the one underwater are my favorites pages! Fantastic work, Sir!!
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Joe, I'm looking through your Greatest Treasure and Hellriders pages in complete awe, this is true art at its very best. I'm possibly about to get involved in a graphic novel project and seeing your pages really gets me excited about it!
Do you use models to base your characters on? How big is each page and do you work on paper, board or canvas? Would be really interested to learn more. Very pleased to hear you'll be doing more work on Hellriders.
Has been a pleasure to see these projects, thanks for posting them :D :love:
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I shot models for every single figure in the book. It was my intention to essentially paint my own movie, and that meant complete accuracy The pages were 14"x22", painted on double thick, cold pressed Bainbridge #80 illustration board. Glad you like the work and good luck with your project!
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