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Store exclusive cover for IDW and 1st Print Comics in Rochester, NY. Huge Big G fan and another check on artistic my bucket list. Acrylic  11"x17" Toho licensing took forever to decline the original sketch leaving me 2 days to redraw and paint the cover. All things considered I'm really pleased with the painting. 
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Oh, man..this is breathtaking.
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Oh my God this is fucking amazing! Duuuuude! Nice job!
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This is real boss! This would be a killer poster. They should make posters of all of your work. I can't understand these comic book companies.
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He can't be beat. ;)
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Do you have this print for sale? I would love to hang this on the wall.
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Out-Freaking-Standing Joe such character and power behind the look and talk about vibrant colors Wow most Impressive!!! :clap::clap::clap:
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2 days!!? Wow, beautiful work in such a short amount of time. :clap:
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Go Go Godzilla !!.Fantastic artwork
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Long time no see. (Or it looks like I haven't been getting your uploads?) Awesome work!
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My hero! I'm in love with the image!
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Wow! This is intense! I would love a print of this on my wall.
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I love all the different light effects you got going on in this one especially the atomic glow coming off of Godzilla spine plates and mouth:love: You really captured the feel of the old movies but made it way more realistic :D 
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very cool godzilla
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Joe Jusko is still the best after all these years...

I can still remember how i would look with awe and starry eyes at his paintings as a child back in the "Epic illustrated" days Love the story about a ice Queen living in the mountains was mind-blowing !
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Magnificent work!  :)
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Joe Jusko. Legend!
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That easter chicken is just looking for the eggs
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Awesome! :la:
I look forward to reading this series! :D
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