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Even though I've done it many times before I seem to be having an issue posing this in my Journal. If someone can tell me how to do it I'd be really grateful.
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A lovely tribute using one of his most famous 'Conan' covers. He will be missed.
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Rewatching his documentary... You have definately helped fill his shoes. Frank and Boris were always the best. Your the next on plate... Rock on Joe!
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Thanks for reminding everyone, Joe! Frank will never be forgotten!
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I know I'm a long time too late for this. Frank Franzetta was my first inspirator to fantasy art, as Jack Kirby was an inspirator to comic art.
I'm glad to live in an era where such artists did something to inspire from the imagination and the heart!
ShivaTheSarcastic's avatar
RIP oh great master.
he is dead...? -.-;
OMG, i will cry allnight today...when he dies?
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Awesome tribute to the undisputed master of fantasy art, Mr. Jusko.

I've never seen much of the late Mr. Frazetta's art, to be honest with you, but I've loved what I've seen.
so sad, fantastic artist
so sad, fantastic artist
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I can't believe he's gone. one of my favorite artists. I have his sketch art of dejah thoris, pretty cool.
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RIP you gave us a great gift
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Oh no, you got to be kidding me........... shit.... have you talked to bill stout ?
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I got hooked on Frank Frazetta's art from the numerous Edgar Rice Burroughs titles and Conan books that I read in the 70's. He will be greatly missed.
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damn, this is a bad new
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RIP Mr. Frazetta. :(
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Yeah buddy. Farewell to the king. Sorry I never got to meet him.

Will be in SDCC again (Jesus, where did the year go?!!?) so see you and the gang there again hopefully!

Take care big guy.

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I'm sorry to read this he was one of my favorite artist
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He was a great artist... And he continue to live through his arts.
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