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DEATH WISH COFFEE Presents #1: Odinforce

Cover to a promotional comic by Ron Marz and Rick Leonardi for the Death Wish Coffee Company. 
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Vikings Are Cool No Mistake What That and This Cool Art Piece.
Great art. The coffee doesn't taste bad but doesn't really do anything for me lol. Can go straight to sleep after drinking a few cups.
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For Odin, you really made the grade! You really deserve the Valhalla of the artists hehe
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Quest, for caffiene!
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Reminds me of an angrier version of Frazetta's 'Kane on the Golden Sea' lol. Beautiful work Joe, awesome shading and depth:highfive:
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I thought of Dethklok's coffee jingle looking at this.…
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Dear Joe Jusko - Great Cover Picture and the Viking Ship (except the Sail) and the Holmgangha War-Ax of the Chief in Front as well as the Shields do really look also Historical Authentic ! Your Art always reminds me
at the Savage of Sword of Conan Mag. - with often your Cover Art on it and in it the Art of John and Sal Buscema, Gary Kawpisz, Alfredo Alcala and - not to forget (at all) - Ernie (Chua) Chan ! As a Realistic Art, Comic Art and Fantasy Fan I am still thankful for this Time and the Art and especially on behalf of the Savage Sword of Conan Mag.... Especially - beside the Buscemas - the B&W Pencil Art of ERNIE CHAN is a Treasure to hold and keeper like your Art as well. But Ernie Chan really was so great in his Conan Art and the Panels he draw leave the Impression like right stepped out of the Conan Books of Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp - who's main achivement it was to write down the whole imaginative Life Story of Conan until his Death as an "older" King Conan. But I will always love Ernies Art and some of his most outstanding Pictures - like his basically legendary Drawing of Conan at the X-Cross.  Sadly they are "all" gone which means most of all Ernie Chan and John Buscema. To me personally I think that John Buscema was the greatest Marvel Artist of them all - was it not him who did draw the "Valkyre" for the First Time - way back in the 1970's ??! - And it was so perfectly done as usual by him...! - Both John and Ernie bring me a lot of joy with their Drawings and Art it was always a feast for the Eyes and Imagination - God bless and may they both Rest in Peace ! - We lost a lot of All Time great Artists -  especially within the last 15-20 Years - who were all alive and well throughout the 1980's.
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Amazing gallery! I had seen some of your work and never knew who did it. Glad to finally know!
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I really like this one.
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Awesome, I didn't know it was you wot got that gig. Bravo!
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Great stuff, as always.
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That is epicly bad ass :iconclapplz: I love the details on the long ship and the warriors look totally crazy and battle hardened :love:
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If Dave Grohl hand been a Viking...
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Is this what happens if you drink too much of it? ;)

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Well, I've been meaning to try their coffee anyway. Now with more epic levels of cool! :D
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Really rousing piece of good work here.  Gotta love those coffee drinkin' Vikings!  Ha!
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