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Conan the Barbarian

Cover for a hardback book entitled "By This Axe I Rule" by Tom Stewart, relating the legal battles of the Robert E. Howard estate.
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I'm a big fan of 'Conan The Barbarian'. I used to read the comics as a five year old back in the 70's, haha.

Conan battle-hardened and well-depicted with the tools of his trade in order to protect, defend, and provide for those entrusted to his charge!!! Art sure has a way with words through visual depictions!!!  Nod 
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hi Jusko I did this rereading of his art to a time ago, could you tell me where I can improve stopping a better artist?…
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"By This Axe I Rule" was the title of a "King Kull" story. :confused:
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didnt realize this was yours! dude your a LEGEND!  
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This one is A+.
Excellent draw.
I put the number 81(spain) cover as my profile photo. Why not?
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Joe Jusko!  I have loved your work LITERALLY all my life!  YOU MADE SSOC come to LIFE!!!!
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He is CONAN!

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Your best Conan ever Joe!
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Man.What a pity such books don't ever arive over here.I love this work.Master piece.
Not meaning to disparage the visual impact or anything but due to something in the face and colors he looks more like a mulatto with a wig than the proto-celt/breton cimmerians are supposed to be. But then there's so much much art that Conan's look can be confusing sometimes...
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"Conan's manskirt say 'Dryclean Only.' "
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Amazing!!! You should teach your techniques to us!!! Do you have any tutorial?
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Crom most definately approves!
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Awesome \o/ what did you do the pic with?
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This captures the conan personality perfectly
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The best Conan I"ve seen yet
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Conan is definitely cool
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Then he is really... Kull?
That's a great art, Joe!
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:wow: S U P E R B !! :wow:
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