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June 19, 2009
The magnificence of drawing, coloring, shading, and motion in this piece astonishes me! *JoeJusko shared another awesome piece of his art with BATTLE IN THE BAOBAB, that proves that traditional art can look as marvelous as digital, if not even better!
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By JoeJusko
Private commission. Fun piece to paint. I chose to stick the characters in a dried out baobab tree as Ive done so many deep foliage pieces and didn't want it to seem repetitive. Baobabs are HUGE trees that litter the African plains. Since they soak up so much water they serve as a water source for the elephants who tear the bark off to reach the fluid within, draining them dry in the process and leaving shredded husks behind. I also kept the palette extremely subdued to indicate a dry, arid environment. I had originally intended to add a monkey carcass under the leopard's paw to give the impression that Tarzan and Jane had interrupted his lunch but the client thought it might be a bit too graphic and we agreed to leave it out. Acrylic 18"x24"
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Love the texture on the tree!

You forgot tarzan's locket. Tarzan wears a locket around his neck that belonged to his mother and has photos of her and his father inside. he also has a scar across his brow that turns bright red, when angry. I think he also wears a band on his head, to keep his hair out of his eyes. He also almost always has a rope made from grass, it being his favorite weapon next to his father's knife.
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wow...this is amazing!! I'm am getting so inspired to do conan/red sonja or tarzan painting. I'm getting inspired so much today...I really need to work harder...your stuff is so good...I really mean it
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One of the best Tarzan images I ever seen. A true masterpiece.
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you are a maestro joe! I admire your works
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What a masterpiece! This is really beautiful and aweseome painting of yours!
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My third favourite today from you. This is AWESOME ! :D
So cool and realistic. Magic Work. The Leopard looks very naturally.
Tarzan is so a powerful and heroic character and not so many artists can display his wild and savage nature in their pictures. YOU CAN ! Tree and background are also brilliant and Jane looks very sexy !

Thank you for the fav.
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Good to see another die-hard Yankee fan :) I'm definitely faving this and watching you, your work is amazing!
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Hi Joe
I saw this on :iconmr-ripley:'s home page, and seeing the thumbnail, it looked like book- jacket art of those old Tarzan books I used to read when I was a kid. I loved those books.

This is art that is beyond excellent.
Not only should be on the jacket of a book, it should be on the wall in an art gallery.
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You are TOO kind! Thank you!!!!
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Not kind at all, I know excellent art when I see it.
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Such wonderful textures...
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I like the way you draw and render the human body. Do you use models for such pieces with detailed anatomy??
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Instead of commenting on the in progress pieces, I felt it was better to comment on the finished work.

Joe, I just wanted to thank you for showing your process on the leopard. I haven't touched paints (aside from watercolor) in years and seeing how you paint totally made me want to grab my oils and pull out my easel.

It's always a treat to see how different artists work their process. Thanks for the inspiration :)
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OMG This is crazy wicked and cool :omfg:
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Dang nabbit, you even made his hair look exactly like the book said it did. :XD:
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Hi! :wave:

Your DD has been featured in DD Express: June 15th - 21st, 2009.

Remember to :+favlove: this article to promote your art and this project.

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How do you do that?
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Faving? You just click on the "heart" under the title of the article.
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