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Shmexy....oh so shmexy.
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Hi i think your work is very nice i'm looking for an anime artist to do some work for me if your interested you can let me know.
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-gets an instant nose bleed- O///w///O
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for me its his proffessional stroke in anatomical structures it is always cannot be perfected because if you do still will look unbalanced in the eyes, our eyes has an inacurate part when looking objects so JOEIAN in this picture is relaxed and balance to the eyes ^_^
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It should not look the way JOEIAN lineouts instead how this image expressions, shes shy with a little seductive affection to a person she looking hehehe it like she's telling them that "I have a sexy body" or "Im so sexy with this"
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You miss a spot in her right leg, also her nipple it's same skin color? Oh and she's cute :iconpervygaaraplz:
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The shading is really good. Adds a great soft feeling to the skin and clothes.
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lol, I see what you like :D

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i love the way you colour picture! love it!
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a very nice miko
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I think I finally figured out why there are so many Miko every year in anime/manga. Because when dressing like THAT, they don't stay Shrine 'Maidens' for very long. So they have to constantly be 'restocked' with new Miko...
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wauw very nice drawing ;)
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Japanese tops correctly go left over right. But the work is beautiful. c:
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Very cute.

Nice job.
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I really like her expression. Her lower half seems way too thin for a woman who's that buxom, but it's a beautiful work of art nonetheless.
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