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Super Smash Time - Collab w Mike Vasquez


Mike Vasquez was kind enough to ask me to color his AMAZING lineart for this awesome Adventure Time/Super Smash Bros crossover print! I had SO SO SO SO much fun doing it. Thanks to him for thinking of me! Can you name all the crossover characters?! There's 22 (23 if you count the one character doubled)!

Follow Mike on twitter! He does awesome stuff!

Check out all 6 of our collaborations!

More to come!
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carrehz's avatar
aaaaa the little TVpuff, so cute!! They all look great, awesome pic :)
Club-Dreamiverse's avatar
What a good Pendleton Ward-esque portrayal of Super Smash Bros.!
Jmonsterdraws's avatar
I like how you included the gender swap version
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Awesome job coloring this hilarious and epic scene.  The palette really does capture the atmosphere of both Adventure Time and the Smash Bros. franchise.
OmAgeArtsLLC's avatar
My company would love to use your work for a run of T-Shirts, please contact me :)
PrincessSoldier's avatar
This is so creative!
PhantomPlayzIt's avatar
Is the Marquis of nuts (Duke of nuts' son) Meta Knight?
Mordecailovesrigby's avatar
Donny: Donkey Kong
Finn: Link
Marceline: Samus
LSP: Kirby?
Dog eater: Fox McCloud
Gunter: Pikachu
Cake: Luigi
Me-mow: Ness
T.V: Jigglypuff
Bubblegum: Peach
Someone: Popo
Are there 2 Jakes? Because i don't know if he's Mario or Nana...
Marshall Lee: Marth
Prince Gumball: Roy
Ice King: Mr. Game and Watch
Fionna: Zero Suit Samus
Unknown: Meta Knight
Lemongrab: Pikmin(s)
Snail: Snake
Doodlemaster1000's avatar
You forgot B.M.O as Megaman!
Picklester's avatar
Could you ever create an Adventure Time/Metroid crossover (i.e. Adventuroid)? I'd like to see the outcome. 
yubbi45's avatar
I had a fangasm just looking at the thumbnail

 . . . and now I can'tbreath right
0--moo--0's avatar
Just when I couldn't think Fionna could get any more mathematical! :love: 
:heart: Zero suit Fionna :heart: 
James110601's avatar
I wonder who would be mew two, or ryu?
Price B as Roy? Nailed it!
gedwolfe's avatar
Hi dude. Is there any chance I can use this as a DS skin? I love it.
JoeHoganArt's avatar
Sure man, as long as you don't make cash off it! haha
IgglyMcDiggly's avatar
Donny Kong is owned by Rareware
BlayAndHowlie's avatar
But maybe it's Donkey Don.
That-one-guy222's avatar
it was develop by Rareware during the 90s,but the main IP and publish is own by nintendo
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