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Jango's Finest -- Celebration Orlando Print

By JoeHoganArt
Animated version link!

The day has finally come! I’ve achieved my dream of creating an official Star Wars print. And I’m so humbled for it to be an exclusive alongside so many other fantastic artists this year at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017!

“Jango’s Finest” celebrates 66 of the galaxy’s fiercest soldiers who all have the same thing in common: They’re direct genetic replicas of the most notorious bounty hunter out there, Jango Fett!

I hope you enjoy this little animation I put together to celebrate Pre-sale Day!

There’s 3 ways to snag this limited edition print:
1) Attend Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, April 13 – April 16. Presales are available today!

2) You can pre-order the print on Dark Ink’s website, but ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP AT CELEBRATION! If you have a friend picking up your order, you MUST give them your friend’s name at the time of placing the online pre-order.

You can pre-order FOR PICK-UP ONLY at the following link:…

3) Any of the limited 250 prints that do not sell out, I’m going to purchase the rights to continue selling them. This way, I can sell the remaining prints online AFTER Celebration. I’m currently looking into putting together a wait list for those interested! But be warned, if I sell out at Celebration, it’s gone forever!
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Jango Fett made one great thing for the republic, and was the creation of the clone army, even if he didn't seems to care any of tem, atleast they were his legacy, and in the clone wars, we started to see them more indivially than just soldiers.

-What a shame that after episode 3, they were wasted and replaced by stormtroopers, they were finest soldiers....

-Your artwork is magnifiscent.

bearchipsandships123's avatar

Jango Fett knew about Order 66 which is why he allowed Kamino to use his DNA to create the clone armies because he hates Jedi. Jango did one good thing and that was to help Palpatine destroy the Jedi. Anakin brought balance by exterminating the Jedi. Two Jedi and two Sith. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

davidshadow275's avatar

indeed, I don't discuss that topic with you, you are correct, but that doesn't mean I will stop liking this picture of your, I still like it, see you and good day

ben10ysonfan's avatar
This is so cool! I absolutely love this!!!
shibamage's avatar
Love this!! I found on Pinterest a couple months ago so it was my desktop background for a while =D It was actually one of the reasons I found your page!
choij15's avatar
you are an inspiration Mr.Hogan! I hope that I become a well known artist like you are since I'm practicing my art style as well too :)
LightSabersEdge's avatar
So awesome! I'm sad that I missed out though.
Legobuilder3190's avatar
Where is Fordo though?
Frosty-Art's avatar
Fourth row second to the left
Legobuilder3190's avatar
For all you know that's just a generic Arc Captain
Frosty-Art's avatar
But Joe said it was Fordo in his video announcing this piece on YouTube sooooo.... it is him
Joel-DarkStar's avatar
That is so epic you really did a great job drawing Jango Fett's legacy here. Just awesome! =)
Varia31's avatar
Th3FallenKnight's avatar
am i the only one who feels bad for the sheer amount of clones who died in like a what 5 year war
Hman999's avatar
3-4 years, actually, but yeah, close enough. Nearly a third of all the original clones were dead within the first year, if I remember correctly.
Vinvin07's avatar
Oh yeah, Geonosis was a bloodbath.
CadeJaw's avatar
Hi Joe. Just saw a post on Facebook about your induction into the 501st Legion. Congratulations man! ^_^

Great picture once again, looking forward to more of your awesomeness. :-D
bearchipsandships123's avatar

Duh he knew about Order 66.

"They'll do their job well... I guarantee that..."

- Jango Fett

Jango Fett hated the Jedi more than anything he wanted them exterminated as much as the Sith which is why he allowed himself to be the template for the entire Clone army. Also the Separatists were the good guys anyway.

Blayaden's avatar
Awesome.  Pure awesome!

Do I spy a certain "Bad Batch" in the back there?  I see Fordo, as well as Fives and Echo!  I recognize nearly everyone! So many awesome clones! :D
hardcase1's avatar
just one word badass
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