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Fantasy Time VII - Collab w/ Mike Vasquez

By JoeHoganArt
Mike and I are at it again! :D Here's our latest mash-up, Adventure Time meets Final Fantasy VII! We call it Fantasy Time VII: Adventure Children. :D

Purchase the print here!…

Follow Mike on twitter! He does awesome stuff!

Check out some of our other collabs:
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Can i buy this picture? or download hi-res?

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Just wanted to call to your attention that a facebook page, TheRPGFanatic,  has taken this fantastic piece of yours, and pasted their watermark on it to post on their facebook page here:…

There were not acknowledgement nor creditation to you guys being the original artists of that artwork.
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Thanks for the heads up! I just left them a comment. Mike and I are getting so frustrated with all the theft surrounding our mashups. Thank you for calling it to our attention!
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Wonderful Crossover!! Good Job :D
There are no words to describe the level's of Epicness in this picture.
Anyway to get these as T-shirts or Hoodies??
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Sorry! Just prints. :)
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Is there any way I could buy this as an A2 print? I frigging love this!
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The only size of this print available is 11x17 inches! Sorry if it's not large enough!…
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Fantastic thank you so much for the link :P I'll definitely be putting an order in! The size will be large enough for me, fits an A3 frame fine :P

Absolutely love your mix with the AT art style :) I did a similar (albeit far less impressive!) theme for a poster for a gig my band played earlier this year (for my gf's bday lol), would love to hear your thoughts on it if you have any spare time :)…

Was also one of my first forays into digital illustration so hoping to do some more illustrations when given time and inspiration haha

Thanks again! Much love!
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That's rad dope, dude! :)
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HAHAHAH this is sooo perfect specially vincent XD :love:Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] i cant stop looking at him with his fangs and tongue XD AHHAAHAH Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
JoeHoganArt's avatar
hahaha Well I'm glad we could have that effect on you!
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
so awesome, eventhough I never played the game
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Mate, You did a fantastic art!! :D :D :thumbsup: 
Love all the character you have adapted them into. :love: :squee:

Mercelline is Tifa! :D :D :glomp:  
JoeHoganArt's avatar
Thanks so much, man! Glad you dig it!!
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You're very welcome mate! :dance: :la: 
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Joe, it's great as always! All the collaborations with Mike are really amazing, man! Just quick question, since there's only one character I don't recognize amongst this lot... Which character from AT is supposed to be Sephiroth? I sorta feel like I've seen him before, but it just isn't clicking...

Anyway, keep up the great work, Joe!
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Thanks man, I appreciate it! Sephiroth is actually Sir Slicer, a favorite one-time appearance character of mine. Figured it was perfect since he had long light-colored hair, black armor, and is a pain in the ass to Finn. hahaha Here's a quick reminder who he is!…
Dark-S1ayer's avatar
Thanks for the insight, Joe! I haven't seen this episode yet, so I'll track it down, just to see this character for myself...

Come to think of it, I've fallen behind on the show, ever since they switched from Mondays to Thursdays, now I gotta track down the episodes I've missed... >>
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