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Deadpool Time - Collaboration With Mike Vasquez

Another collaboration with Mike! He was kind enough to ask me to color his AMAZING lineart for this awesome Adventure Time/Deadpool crossover print! I had SO SO SO SO much fun doing it. Thanks to him for thinking of me!

If you want this in print form, hunt down Mike at San Diego Comic Con!

Follow Mike on twitter! He does awesome stuff!

Check out all 6 of our collaborations!

More to come!
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Finnpool, Jakepool, BMOpool!!
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Heh, in the Deadpool Live Action movie that recently came out, in one scene he was shown wearing an Adventure Time Watch too! Isn't that something?
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Do an X-Men crossover! It'll be so cool, I´m pretty sure.
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Maybe someday! We have a few more in the works already! :)
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hey! you made one of the most awsome crossovers mortally possible... i thank you for that...
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Bubblegum as female Deadpool :thumbsup:
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Yah no prob. I saw all your other crossovers too, really good work. REALLY good.
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Thanks, my friend! More are on the way. :)
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Wow! I love them all! Are you selling prints?!?
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I'll be selling them in a few weeks, but Mike is selling them now! I wanted to give him a chance to get a head start because I didn't want to steal his thunder as most of the collaborations were his idea (Zelda was the only one that was mine). But you can get the prints here:…

Thanks for the interest!
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HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 
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