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Adventure Wars - Collaboration With Mike Vasquez

Now available for purchase in my Etsy store!…


Mike Vasquez was kind enough to ask me to color his AMAZING lineart for this awesome Adventure Time/Star Wars crossover print! I had SO SO SO SO much fun doing it. Thanks to him for thinking of me!

Follow Mike on twitter! He does awesome stuff!

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More to come!
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theguyintheworks's avatar
Jake the dog and Finn the TRAITOR.
BMO as R2 and Bubblegum as Leia is pure genius.
Mordecailovesrigby's avatar
A new Star Wars came out recently. The latest movie has Major Role of a character named "Finn".
GhostyStars's avatar
Omg ahhaha jack at Chewbacca hahah
AWESOME i love it. specially Marcie the bounty hunter
Revan005's avatar
Good job, but Billy would've made a great Ben Kenobi.
AceNos's avatar
i feel that the lich should have been palpatine
This is Beyond Epic!
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Gothgirl378's avatar
What's with Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum both dressed as Leia? It doesn't make sense. IMO, Flame Princess should be Mara Jade. Also, Jake looks awesome as Chewbacca!! I don't get why Fionna is Obi-Wan though.
JoeHoganArt's avatar
haha Go easy on us, this was our first mash-up together ever! We just did whatever seemed fun, and have gotten a lot better with our character decisions since then. :)
leono9000's avatar
tree trunks as yoda omg xD
LanternBat's avatar
That tauntaun has poo brains
JoeHoganArt's avatar
Mr-Illusionist-1331's avatar
Awesome and I love the Tauntaun:happybounce: 
JoeHoganArt's avatar
Thanks for all the kind words, dude!!
Mr-Illusionist-1331's avatar
Hey, I'm the one that should thank you for the awesome art and I hope that you will make some more:)
JoeHoganArt's avatar
More's definitely on the way, my friend!
marceline-chupalmas's avatar
Wow, that's... Fantastic!!!!!

Why i'm boba fett????
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