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SnowBuni's Dark Ride, Page 4


Here are the last two preview pages of Jeffrey H. Wood's haunted house anthology, a project over ten years in the making.  I also drew a last page, but you'll have to buy the comic to see it!  I'll advertise when it becomes available for sale.  Other contributing artists include Jason Waltrip, Lightfoot, Mike Sagara, Kyle Miller, Teresa Challender, Don Chisholm, and John P. Morgan, a distinctive talent who unfortunately passed away some time ago.

For my part, this has been a fascinating and constructive project.  It's great to be able to work alongside so many talented artists, and it was a fine chance to hone my craft outside of Zebra Girl.  Returning to my crosshatching method has been refreshing and very satisfying, albeit time consuming and hard on my poor, aging hands.  But you just can't get that kind of texture from Prismacolor markers.  And Jeffrey's writing style lends itself to a sort of visual humor I rarely indulge in anymore.  Did anyone notice the Castlevania homage on the last page?  And doesn't that door knocker look familiar?  Yeah, this was fun.

And don't we need to have fun where we can find it?  We've all had troubles this year.  Heck, I'm still hammering away at the Zebra Girl Omnibus, but it's been slow going since 2020 lost its mind.  Heck, even without the Coronavirus things were already a little rough.  My computer's still crashing unpredictably all the time, but I can't imagine being able to afford a new one right now.  Not with everything else that's happening.

Still, I'm profoundly thankful.  I'm happy to be here, I'm happy that you're here, and I'm truly glad that I can share my work with you.  I still have it much, much easier than a lot of other people do.  So as this year finally draws to a close like Chernabog recoiling from the light of day, let's remember to remember each other.  We might hopefully be getting a vaccine for COVID-19 in the somewhat near future, but this is going to be a hard Winter as the cold and flu season team up with the pandemic to form a supervillain league.  Our superheroes are working their butts off in hospitals all over the world, so let's do our best to be their allies instead of bystanders in need of rescue.  Keep wearing your masks, staying at home when possible, socially distancing, washing your hands, and keeping your fingers off of your face!  It's a short list, but it could make a world of difference.

Have a great holiday season and a hopeful new year.  I wish all the best for you and yours.  Take care.

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Do make sure to publish availability of this... I love the preview you've shared.In Love

Eh, we all have to pay the bills. After she left him there in his little prison, he had to get a job somewhere on the material plane when things went more towards magic...

Makes me wonder what happened to Mabel. That'd be a nice "story from the archive" for the future.

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Well, there is a short story in the gallery along those lines.