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Rainbow at Night

Happy Pride Month!  Just under the wire, but someone's got to bring up  the rear in every celebration.  I'm rather ashamed that I've never done  anything for this occasion before.  It really feels like something  that's owed.  And a great excuse to do something colorful again!   Getting me used to my new art programs.  I've been experimenting with  Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop Elements.  I was worried about the  latter, but it's pretty much on par with my old copy of PS5.  Progress!

Everyone pictured is some flavor of LGBTQ+.  Zandra has long since acknowledged her bisexuality, though she finds that she generally prefers women.  Betty does too, though she's definitely pansexual.  Jerry and Daryl have been happily married for several centuries.  Michelle mostly keeps to herself, still harboring particular feelings concerning her gender, though she identifies as a woman.  The background characters are mostly succubi (first appearing in the related File From the Stone Society), some of whom chose to transition, though others are more "vanilla" vampires whose stories have yet to be told.  I might have left out some other  folks of the Wooden Castle era, but they're having a social event in the  trees here and not everyone can fly, y'know?

Guess we're all being more social lately!  I hope you had a nice June.  And I hope you have a nice life,  whatever kind of skin you're in, and that you're proud.  Watch out for  that heat, eh?  And let's be really good to each other, no matter who we  are.  Remember, COVID is still a problem, and the world's always a  harsh place for somebody somewhere.

And thanks for waiting while I work stuff out.  Things are getting on a  more even keel (my new computer only shuts down unexpectedly when  there's a total woodland power outage).  Another Tale From the Wooden  Castle is in the works, and I'm premiering a new model of Zandra's gown.   You can kind of see it here.  What do you think?  Better?  Wait'll she  stands up with it.  I'll perfect that infernal dress if it kills me.   Or even if it doesn't!

(Edit, 7/02: Some commenters helpfully pointed out to me that rainbows work a bit differently than I thought, so I re-rainbowed things a smidge.  The original version of the picture can be found here, if you’re so inclined.)
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outside of the whole "Pride" bit (honestly, when do we get the other deadly sins months of celebration! I want my Wrath Month!) I have seen the rainbow halo on a full moon before a few times. It is truly a wonderful sight.

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It sure is.

Incidentally, I personally like to celebrate Sloth Month at every opportunity.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful message couched in rhyme! I've been a reader for a long time and have very much enjoyed your art, your approach to the world, and Zebra Girl specifically.

Be well and happy, and know always that you are appreciated <3

Light and laughter,


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Thanks so much, SongCoyote! That means the world to hear. Best wishes to you, too!

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It's so nice to keep seeing snippets of this happily ever after.

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I love seeing these guys. I think Zebra Girl will always have a special place in my heart :heart:

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Aw! Thanks for saying so, Auroragriffon. That means a lot to hear.

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Bloody fantastic. <3

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