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Commission: My Little Spelony (Color)

I couldn't come up with a good fusion of the two titles, I just did the best I could!  I'm sorry, geez.

Jeremy Davis introduced me to Spelunky for the sake of smashing it together with My Little Pony, driving dashing Daring Do down a thrilling adventure with her ditzy damsel Derpy!

Sure they can fly, but that's cheating.  I'm sure they'll be fine.  If not, well, Celestia can get Twilight to fix it.

You can see it without color if you like.  It's the same scene, but with no color.  Same description, same ideas, just... I don't know, there isn't any color.

Edit - 3/1/2015: Enh.  May as well streamline the gallery instead of cluttering it up with redundant pieces...  I've made the picture a little less red, you can find the other version in the scraps.
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The question is will Daring save Derpy, or sacrifice her? Or maybe just throw her at enemies
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Yeah... maybe too much, really.
Wait... *looks at the artist* I didn't recognize it because it wasn't Zebra Girl style! Damn, you have more skills than I give you credit for. :)

Also, another artist to follow:
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I'm proud to take you off guard.  And thanks for the link, she does fascinating work!
Hey, she did Growls, she'd do Wally just as good.
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Ha ha dem hooves look like they don't offer much grip
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well this was surprising
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