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Better Than Six 10

If you're wondering why he didn't just drop out it's because Batman never gives up.
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Other than the inkling of police and surveillance state paranoia Bruce's got, he would be a better leader than most.

Love the little hair ears you gave 'im.
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This is just hilarious.
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So... your saying: Trump is Batman?
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If he is, we're definitely in the Dark Multiverse.
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Welcome to America, where anyone can be elected president... and gods help us.
kanyiko's avatar
Hindsight is always a wonderful thing.

Terrifying, but wonderful. >.<
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I wish I'd seen this earlier this year, but reading it now lifts my spirits a bit.  I have to say though, I think Maxwell Lord would be a more appropriate analogy, or possibly Larfleez.
Meanwhile, Hillary would be either Amanda Waller, or Star Sapphire.
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You called it. Tragic. 
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Yeah.  I was really hoping the punchline wouldn't apply past today.
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Very nice. You`re awesome Joe!
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So I guess Joe is not a Trump fan,
but just think of it this way Joe:
Hillary is the Joker.
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Can I share this on facebook/tumblr etc?  Your signature is...kinda very very small and I'm afraid it would wind up being uncredited :-/
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  Sure, actually, there are buttons which you can use to share the comic through Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites, which should create posts with links right back here.  They're in the upper-right corner, by the comic.  At least, on my browser.  It may be different on yours.
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So what you're saying is that he acted like a typical politician.
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But Donald Trump isn't Batman! He's the Joker! Lex Luthor may be the choice most people think of first, but really Lex is smart enough to realize that he's evil, and need to tone down his blatancy about it.
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I Laughed out Loud.°_^
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This is the greatest Donald Trump parody I've ever seen!  
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I truly wish to thank you for producing this awesome thing! This is perfect.
I like the bat-ears hairdo.
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I like how his shadow is the Bat-symbol XD
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