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Another Tale From the Wooden Castle


Happy Fourth of July, everyone. As happy as you can manage, all things considered. I meant to have this done sooner, but things are tough all over. My computer keeps crashing, the weather keeps crashing, the country keeps crashing, and I keep crashing. Lots of crashing.

Still, I'm happy that I get to drop this latest addendum to Zandra's lore on a holiday. And what's more appropriate for today than spending time in the back yard playing with your kid? Yes, that last drawing of Clarity and Zandra having a horsey ride was so cute that I finally decided to make Pony Zandra canon! For years her adorable miniature equine shape has been a mere April Fools' Day tradition, but now I officially clarify that at some point she does indeed attain mastery of this alternate aspect, a trademark of mature Nefastis.

Hope you get a kick out of this, everyone. And have a nice time today. I'll encourage you to stay indoors, but in any case try to be conscientious by continuing to exercise social distancing, masking, and hand washing. And remember, fireworks are neat but they scare the Hell out of dogs.

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love the winged nightmare mode there.

This one is gorgeous!!!!!!

Man I miss zebragirl as a comic. Any chance of a new installation/sequel anytime soon?

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Sometimes you just want a less-little pony

jdeighan's avatar

Nice. Glad to see you're still alive ;)

Celestia, she is not...

Wynnefox's avatar

Her full equine form is gorgeous.

goldenavatar's avatar

Yea... Well, I guess this is a good 'nudge, nudge, hint, hint' to answer any question as to how a vampire or succubus could be a mother at all, if Sandra was the one who took on the role of being the father with working plumbing to boot.

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Well, at least none of your crashes are vehicular, I hope. ^^;

Thanks for the new page, it's wonderful to see Sandra's soft fuzzy happy side from time to time. :3
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This was lovely. :)

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