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Lestat de Lioncourt

By JoeDiamondD
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This is a gift for my dear old friend :iconkimmie1987: Happy Hollydays and Merry Christmas my dear :iconskizzplz:

Second Place in Ann Rice Contest [link] organized by :iconelvenspot:

~Model famous TEIombre [link] , ~Background outside ~Background inside ~Music stave ~Chest ~Violin ~Goblet
~ Walking stick ~Candle support ~Candles ~Old book ~Crow ~ Cat

See Before and After

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Super stunning piece of art, great details and composition!!
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Such amazing artwork has been featured here:…
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Like it a lot
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I love this one, I really like the spider webs! lol
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Love the collaboration of stock you have jtotheotothee. Thank you for using my stock in your artwork :)
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I like it but you might want to put more shadows on the floor and underneath objects. Right now it looks like you took a bunch of stock photos and stuck them together. It doesn't really look like a cohesive picture, if that makes sense.
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I would like very much if you look to your works and then critique mine, also if you want to be kind you can at least say in my opinion would be better to..... Everything has shadows and you are the only one who is complaining since this work is posted.
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Wow. Okay.
First of all, I will be the first to admit that my art is not amazing, and if you do have any criticism I would be happy to hear it. Half the point of DA is so that artists can receive critiques.
That being said maybe I didn't explain myself well.
IN MY OPINION with the candles and the moon in the positions that they are in it seems that the shadow should be more pronounced and lengthened. IN MY OPINION each picture stands out really well on its own, which I think is part of the problem, they're not quite blending into a whole, and I just thought that maybe adding more shadow would help the different pictures come together.
I've looked at some of your other work and it is really good, which is why when I came across this one and it didn't seem at quite at the same level I thought I'd make a suggestion.
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You were right, you know. This piece needs more shadows for the amount of light she has. Anyone remotely knowledgeable about lighting and shadows would have known this. Her response to your honest critique was very uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. Sadly I used to admire this artist but I cannot stand elitest "artists" who have no humility.
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i love all the detail and all the pieces you put into making this such a spectacular piece! :clap:
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Thank you my dear, im rly happy you like it :tighthug:
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you are an amazing artist :D
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WOW, is fantastic and great job :)
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Thank you my dear :tighthug:
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You´re welcome
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This is an amazing depiction of The Vampire Lestat!
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love him sexy hot love it
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the brat prince...nicely done and thanks for sharing
Note to self, watch Interview again ^_^
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