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Halloween Story

By JoeDiamondD
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© 2010 - 2021 JoeDiamondD
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This is so darling and phenomenal. Adore it!
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This is simply amazing i'm speechless The Monkey With the Nosebleed 
KarahRobinson-Art's avatar
This is a fascinating piece :clap: 
rocheleheart10's avatar
is this an old contest
ki79ka's avatar
Adorable! Love the owl and pumpkins!
NicoleStorey's avatar
What an amazing picture! I would like to ask permission to share some of your pictures on my FB author page. I will, of course, credit the work to you. My YA books have a Halloween theme to them and I'd like some pics to help emphasize that. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us all!
JoeDiamondD's avatar
Yeah, if you credit the original image you have my permission :)
NicoleStorey's avatar
Thank you! I credited the photo to you and provided the link to the original. I really appreciate it!
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Hi thr

can u please like this & share your art here

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Awww! It's cute :)
IosifChezan's avatar
beautiful, like a child dream where EVERITHING is rich in meaning and full of "possible" inside... it shivers me...
JoeDiamondD's avatar
Im truly happy you like it, its an old work with painting over attempt with some flaws but people liked it and im glad for that. Thank you :heart:
IosifChezan's avatar
such a beautiful part of the "kaleidoscope" of your mind ! It is lovely :)
F0r3v3RiNl0v3's avatar
i love the owl thats creepin with the glasses?are those glasses?perfect. =)
rtaylor64's avatar
I know alot of pagans thar will love this
YeojDizon's avatar
oh this is the second time i saw the owl hahah it's cute!:)
JoeDiamondD's avatar
I have a special thing for owls :D
YvaineGlare's avatar
Stunning image! It would be a good cover of some book :)
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This amazing deviation was featured in my Daethly Deviant XVIII News Article. Please remember to support the article (with a :+fav:, comment or both) as well as your fellow featured artists. Thank you.

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Thank you so much :heart:
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