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Scirlin-1 by JoeCrow9 Scirlin-1 by JoeCrow9
So, this guy’s been wandering around the back of my head for a while; ever since I started researching the Verum work. I’ve been edging my way into grimoire work for a while, and Jake’s version of the True Grimoire really caught my attention about a year or so ago. Scirlin’s the intermediary spirit for the pattern of invocations and spellwork detailed in the True Grimoire; he’s the fellow you talk to in order to get the rest of the crew to listen to you, and he’s the one that carries your messages back and forth. It’s a common role in various systems, occupied by luminaries such as Hermes, Legba, and Ganesh, among many other names. Everybody needs a messenger, you know?

Thing is, I haven’t actually started the work itself yet. But whenever I think about Scirlin, this is what he looks like. And I’ve been noticing him in the back of my head from time to time, just watching. He’s yet to say anything, but he’s around a lot. I’ve been using the Astrachios prayer in my daily work, as an opening for my meditation and practice, and as part of my adaptation of the Liber Resh solar adoration rites, and he always seems to be around for that, just watching.

The weird thing is, I’ve realized that he’s been around for longer than I’ve been interested in the Verum work; now that I’ve got his face down, I can remember him watching for as far back as I can remember. Hunh.
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February 27, 2015
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