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The Cirque du Romani

By joebenitez
Cirque du Romani from Lady Mechanika #3
Lupo the boy wolf,Galivan the amazing , Madame Divinite ,Zopo, The Fantastique Mademoiselle Arliquinn

Pencils Me
Digi Inks Roz
Colors Steigerwald
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© 2012 - 2021 joebenitez
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I should ask you for a Arliquinn commission at the next con you're at...she's so adorable~! <3

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I adore the girl in cotton candy pink!
LittleBitLizbit's avatar
Arliquinn is so cute. They are all intriguing. This this really cool, Joe.
spherco's avatar
Looking good Joe!
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Your artwork is top notch. you heard it a million times, mechanika takes too long to drop. But it's fukkin worth it bro. always lookin forward to new artowork by you, especially the mechanika variant covers. It's too bad ur too busy to do more wraithborn material. Are planning to do fan expo in toronto by any chance??
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Im seriously dying to get some Romani cosplay e.e maybe arliquinn?
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very cool cast of characters. Amazing work as always
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:love: I :heart: Lady Mechanika!
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Sweet looking characters. Alriquin's name might be too close to another famous clown girl but I love the design. Galiwans poise and mask is ace.
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wow, the lady in the middle, I guess Madame Divinite, is absolutely fantastic. I love the dark, dangerous look of hers! But Galivan and Mademoiselle Arliquinn look very interesting too, I cannot wait for reading the 3rd issue. Unfortunately that won't happen until one of my friends go back to UK and buys me one :/ But the picture is fantastic and I am really happy you uploaded it on DA so we can please our eyes with it :love:
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Awesome! I loved this issue. When's issue #4 coming out?
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holy awesome! this is amazing work and i acually wanna read the cirque books really bad
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Cirque du Romani is just in reference to who is featured in the image

this is a page from Lady Mechanika #3
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ah ok. heh well that is still amazing work. and did make me slightly think about that stuff.
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Love these guys!!! =D =D =D
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Really cool, dude. Great design.
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Great! damn the main chick is hot. LOL and the cbp's are already makin costumes!
Stormraven24's avatar
I fell in love with those designs the second I turned the page. I'm going to make an Arliquinn costume within the next year (got it all planned out already) :)
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awesome characters :) great job !
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Incredible work!

:gallery: [link]


:groups: [link]
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So elegant and amazing style!!!!
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