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Looks That Kill

Con exclusive cover for EA Iris 0

Pencils -Me
Digital Inks Roz(Mark Roslan)
colors- Peter Steigerwald
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© 2010 - 2021 joebenitez
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In which case they might :D  !
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what is this??????


its so badass beauty!!!
love it!!
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WonderCon 2010 exclusive cover for Executive Assistant Iris #0
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Hey I saw that devgear inked this and posted it for others to color, and I made sure to link you as the original artist. Here is a link if you'd like to see it and if there are any issues please let me know. I just wanted to get some practice in coloring in :) [link]
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No issues ,I don't mind at all if anyone on here wants to ink or color any of my work
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what a sexy asassin
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Nice job, she is gorgeous, beautiful work as always !
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This is crazy sexy! :D
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The hair is amazing
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This is superb!
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Can you say TOTTALLY AWESOME... yes, I think I can :clap:
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very nice!I was drawn(no pun intended) to the use of black,red andwhite.I guess its the child in me.
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......... just droped dead.
great piece of art.
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Nice work, did you have any inspiration from bayonetta? Or perhaps the inspiration of their designer is the same as yours? Either way good job =)
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No, not really. it was based on a design Eduardo Fransisco did for EA IRIS 0
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Very sexy! I like the fact that she has a P90 in her left hand and what looks to be either an HK model or an Uzi in her right.
wish i could hire a secretary like that.
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