Huion Driver compatible with Paint Tool Sai

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Hi, i realize the new Huion drivers are not compatible with Paint Tool Sai, so i uploaded the older one (which i prefer for the pressure sensitivity anyway).

Huion driver here:…

And i got the Windows 10 compatible Sai version from PristinePaige.
Sai software over here:…

Hey it's 2020 now, saw that some of you have troubles with the files. The files are still available for download though so not sure why some of you can't download it.
As for issues after installation, sorry that I'm not able to provide any support. I'm back to using Intuos these days. 

I saw that Huion has many new tablets these days (it's confusing). This driver I'm sharing works with my old K58.

All the best people!
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Is it good for 420?

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I won't know since I dun own that tablet, but you can try.

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OK I met the same problem (pen was moving but no brush ability). I cliked Require Admin and select Game Mode. And it works now. Thanks for the help from previous users.

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Does it work with huion h950p?
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do we just download and it fixes it?
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Hi, does this work with Huion 680s?
Ty :^ )
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This was so helpful, thank you so much!! <3 
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the files say cant be viewed uhh help
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i love you so much
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Files aren't there anymore?
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I know this is old but this is literally a lifesaver
I got a new Huion tablet for Christmas but it didn't work with my SAI
when I did get it to work however, the stabilizer was off and I really didn't like it but this works perfectly!!
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I can draw with this pts but I can have a png without a white background someone can help me ? 
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Save as PNG and select the 2nd option, "32bpp ARBG (Each pixel have Opacity)".
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thanks ! but on this version for huion of pts this windows not appears :/
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What Paint Tool SAI are you using? Is it SAI 1.0 or SAI 2.0. Because what I said only applies on SAI 1.0. If it's SAI 2.0, Go to Canvas > Background > Transparent (there are a lot of options there, just choose whatever you like). Once that's set, you can go ahead and save the artwork in PNG while you have a transparent BG.
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Such a life saver! Thank you so much!
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hello I just found this ,,, can someone help me figure out how to install drivers ? im kinda dumb ,, , ,
I have a 1060 pro
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Is there a transparency ver for the Win10 compatible ;; Every Sai doesn't work for me except for that link but I need the transparency saving thing...

Not sure if this will work on other Win10 but if you prefer newer ver of SAI (1.1.0 to 1.2.5) and it doesn't work for you, try right click > Properties > "Compatibility" > and then check "Run this program as an administrator" for BOTH Sai and Huion Driver !! :'D
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this post is super old, but i was wondering if someone could get sai 2 to work? everything with sai 2 is fine and i use the new drivers, not the one listed here, except the cursor is a good 3 centimeters off from when my pen is. help!
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I owe you my soul, my sanity and my life. 
Thank you,,,,
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