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Fabric folds 1

Fabric folds rendering
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Oct 14, 2009, 9:15:58 PM
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Around artists this thing is always hanging around.
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It is helpful to know how fabric moves and folds because of dealing with clothing. I wonder if I sat down and drew one now if it would be any stronger.
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This is impressive.
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Wow, looks great :D
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Thank you so much.

Truth is I'm being told to drop my line dependence (stupid but worthwhile Art Classes). So like the torso drawing I'm going to try to go back into it this weekend and see if I can get some tone, value and light strenghtened up so the lines arn't holding it all together.

I like your comic pages. Who are your influences. Being where you are you see a whole group of different artists than I do in the U.S.
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Line dependence! I could not handle life without lines :S

I looked at your gallery, and it is really great! You are so good with pencils!

My influences comes from everywhere around me - tecnically, my style is most similar to manga, but some of the things are gotten from Norwegian comics(like Pondus and Nemi([link] - check it out!). Some Norwegian artists are really great!).
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Sorry it's taken a couple days to get back to you. I've been on super crazy: work wants more time, teaching wants more time, Classes want more time and oh yea i should spend time with my family and get stuff done at home too merry-go-round.

Thanks. More of the newer drawings are in charcoal pencils. I'll still fall back on plain #2's and blue pencils when I know it's going to be inked or when I'm trying to work something out and might be doing a lot or revising.

I have a fair amount of interest in manga but I don't think a lot of the style comes through in my stuff. I always had a big interest in comics, comic strips and in animation. So I guess that would be a strong Pop Art/Americana influence. Also all of those are very line art.

Which makes taking classes where they tell you not to use the line and use value instead so darn hard. And i know it falls under being well rounded but you want to stop them and say, " Hey I'm old and stubborn. I'm fixed on a way of working and my goals... and this has nothing to do with it!" LOL

The artist I look to the most now is Will Eisner. His like the father of Graphic Novels. His story telling and the expressiveness in his drawing are just amazing.
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