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July 20, 2021
Treasure Chest by joe-wright
Great redirection of the reader's attention with a little surprise at the end.
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Smogg, the greatest of the crimson dragons, wheeled in the skies above Pondtown, belching impenetrable clouds of smoke and showers of white-hot sparks. A band of treasure-hunting dwarves had driven it out of its lair, and their fastest messenger had raced into town bearing the sole arrow capable of killing it.

Burt the bowman drew the arrow back to his cheek and waited patiently for his target to present itself. He had a reputation for unfailing accuracy, and it was well deserved.

“His entire underside is coated in gems from his hoard,” said the messenger, hurriedly, “but there's a gap on his left breast. It's the only way to kill him.”

“No!” protested the mayor, waving his arms blubberously. “If you kill it now its body will crush half the town! Aim for its eye – drive it back to its lair!”

Smogg swooped low, flaring its wings to impose upon them the full majesty of its impervious glittering armour. Still, Burt held off, the perfect opportunity apparently not yet perfect enough. Heat poured from the body of the beast as it flapped, casting a gale through the streets that stripped the leaves from the trees and sandblasted the windows opaque. The dwarven messenger, the mayor and his aide all ducked for cover, but Burt stood his ground. As the dragon rose up again, he loosed his arrow.

“I don't believe it,” gasped the messenger.

“You missed!” spat the mayor.

The arrow had winged the dragon, ploughing a furrow through the armour on its side.

“Whoops,” said Burt, just barely restraining a smile as an enormous diamond tumbled into his chimney.

FFM day 10

  • CHARACTERISATION CACOPHONY: Your story must include at least three different characters with distinctive voices and personalities.

  • UNLIKELY ALLIES: These characters must work together towards a common goal, but they must all have different reasons or personal goals they’re trying to achieve with it.

  • ONE MAN’S JOY IS ANOTHER’S HELL: Happy endings, shmappy endings. Either ONE, or NONE of your characters may be happy with the story’s conclusion - no more.

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Such an excellent take on the challenge!