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Wildstar Limited Series No 1 by Joe-Singleton Wildstar Limited Series No 1 by Joe-Singleton
Retitled this one, because I was inspired to do a series of covers for Wildstar, for my friend Jeff. This one was loosely based on the cover for The Man Called Nova #1, which was Jeff's favorite comic, back when. When I asked Jeff to come up with some ideas for mini-series covers, he picked a few more Nova covers and came up with some variations on the characters depicted on those covers. I've done two, now and have the fourth in the pipeline.

The idea, here, is that Wildstar, who is Mega's half-brother, has moved away and is solo, for awhile. This would be while he was still in high school. On the cover of #1, we see an alien ship, which is a Truhl cutter, and is picketing Earth, though nobody knows it. A giant Truhl comes to Earth, seeking Elden fugitives, who haven't quite made it to Earth, yet. Wildstar's costume marks him as someone who has access to Eld technology. He got the costume from Ultiman, a young hero who discovered a crashed spaceship buried on his grandfather's farm. The Truhl attacks Wildstar and the fight ends with the Truhl fleeing and Wildstar staggering home.

The scene there with the kid in the sleeping bag...that's him, Boyd Jason Chandler on the night of the Starfall, which is where everyone gets their powers.
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December 15, 2013
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