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Star Runner

By Joe-Roberts
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I’ve been uploading old art to my new Instagram. This one was looking a little dated so I decided to re-work it.

It’s an updated version of my Nebula Awards artwork from 2011. I’d been asked to create a kind of Star Wars / Blade Runner style bar scene, so I decided to depict a Han Solo style smuggler with a crystal to sell, and a Jabba inspired gangster who doesn’t like the price.

But, if it does kick off, his companion will have already, “shot first”.

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Wicked work Joe. Typical space bar scene, awesome colour and depth, and a great scene to boot:highfive: :ahoy:

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This is really a nice I like it

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Beutiful, love the colour pallet.
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very impressive!
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Cool! Excellent characters and atmosphere ! :)
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It is so inspiring!! +fav +fav +fav 
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Awesome setting. :D
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Very well done! I see the elements of Star Wars and BR. I also see the blaster. Will he shoot first? :D
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Did you come up with the characters for this scene? because I feel like I've seen the gangster somewhere before. Seriously I keep thinking about it I know I've seen the guy somewhere before but I can't put my finger on it. 
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The guy on the left looks kind of like you.
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Oh, geez; I'd forgotten your Nebula. Congratulations all over again!
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Great illustration
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Space Sin City     
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Fantastic detail
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Kicks SO much ass!
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How wonderful - is this digital art or paint?
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Thank you, it's digital paint :)

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Nicely designed picture. I like the moody and Noir ish atmosphere. Kind of reminds me of a classic scene from an old 1940s picture, except it's all sci fi.
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I could write a fun little sci-fi short story out of this picture. Its got all the elements in it to inspire. Really is a nice job. Took imagination and planning, I'm guessing.
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