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Samus Aran

By Joe-Roberts
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Those eyes.   Wow!!!!
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This would work so well as the cover of the next game! I miss when they used to awesome painting on game covers, like in the NES and Atari 2600 days. 
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Wait. Why did they have you do the Prime Trilogy suit for an Other M promo?
firebird97's avatar
What makes you think this is an Other M promo?
KaiserDeadpool's avatar
Most bad ass space hunter in the Gallic Space 
BreadArtist900's avatar
Cool design! I like the visor mainly
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RekkaAtsuma's avatar
So you did art for Other M? WOAH.
I am honored to have run across you!
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Your art art looks awfully similar to the work done in Metroid- the other M!! Are the designs by you?
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Hi, a late reply but yes – these were an official promotional set that I did for Nintendo, prior to its release :)

AydanADub1863's avatar
You mean you actually MADE these for Nintendo??? :O WOW!!!
MinaWolf10's avatar
Oh, wow! They are absolutely gorgeous! They look so real. :) Don't worry about a late reply, btw. Happens to us all! :D
Idontknowdude's avatar
Nope, im sure its done from scratch not traced
MinaWolf10's avatar
Oh, I knew that. I meant to ask whether he worked on the art and designs for Metroid: the other M. Not whether he traced it or not. 
MinaWolf10's avatar
Art that DOESN'T over-sexualize Samus Aran?! Amazing!

seriously though, stunning and captivating art, this is. :)
Sonicvortex99's avatar
Another great one by you! This is awesome. I'm working on a ZSS cosplay ;)
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how do you do thees!
tristannncx's avatar
Amazing. I absolutely love it. ❤
Cantaroji's avatar
So what software do you use for these?
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