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Ghost by Joe-Roberts Sherlock by Joe-Roberts Christmas by Joe-Roberts Horror
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Holy jesus... Okay, it's all just a bad dream, and nothing else...

Btw, it's a great artwork!

What a scary but cool picture! What's happening in it?

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is that the nun i love it

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Good night,little kid
Interested to know what your rates are for book cover illustrations. Asking as this art is right up my street in terms of what I am looking for.
I am not after a designer to create a book cover, only the illustration for it.
Happy to discuss.
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Yay, i'm gonna be the next one! XD
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This is really creepy. Would it be possible to share it on a horror blog with some of your commentary?
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Hi! I'm a staff writer for the horror website Haddonfield Horror. I report on the noteworthy horror pieces present across social media. I'd like to feature you and this piece for Digital Art. Would you be interested?
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Just randomly typed in 'Horror' and this pic immediately caught my attention. It's really stunning and fascinating... So dark and nightmar-ish, in a way I love very much. The contrast of light and shadows also fits this theme so well.
I just wonder... How did you make this? I don't really know how 'photomanipulation' works. Is this all by you or was there an original photo where you edited something? And if so, what exactly did you do with it? I hope I didn't ask too many questions, I'm just very curious how you made this amazing work. :D
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Hopefully me popping in with my take on the methods is welcome. I'm guessing Joe got someone behind the curtain for the figure with some strong backlighting to get the weird silhouette effect, then photoshopped the creepy face in with some transparency to make it blend.
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Oh, thanks for your theory! ^^ Yeah, maybe that's how it works... Very interesting thing!
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this is up my ally!
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cool and scary!
the dog knows it's there and will protect it's young master from the thing!
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it will probably fail though
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amazing... love the mood
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