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"-an intruder should always be left outside of your home, never invite someone who's a stranger to you or your loved ones into your house, even if they beg-"

Which version of "Bad Santa" is this supposed to be? The villain dressed up as Mr. Claus like in "Tales of the Crypt" and all the other lunatic-dressed-as-the-Jolly-Old-Gent movies, or is it like in "Santa's Sleigh", where Santa Claus is revealed as a bad guy who got forced into delivering toys on Christmas (he was supposed to be the Anticrist but he messed up) and he's finally shaken off the controls and is ready for a homicidal rampage?

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Damn.....where's Doomslayer when you need him?!

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Really! Do you love shirt? Buy it now before lose it forever. I like The Grinch Christmas and Christmas t-shirt. Limited edition and available on our store in a few days.

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I can see why the song says you better be good this christmas
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Oh god what a nightmare, lol.
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Check this theme, maybe you want to post this picture?…
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nice christmas jejeI am a dummy! 
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It reminds me of one of ICP's songs I love it 
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Excellent and surprisingly sinister.
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I always said that Santa was a billion year old creep anyway... lol
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That us super freaky and really cool. Nice one!
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This is awesome.
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Excellent color work! This picture reminds me of the movie "Christmas Evil" and "Rare Exports" 
You're never to old for KRUMPUS!
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I'm terrified...

Of the idea of a creepy old man who breaks into your house! Very amazing work ;0;
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if you think,the idea of santa is creepy,a guy who watches you year-round and breaks in your house through your chimney to reward you with gifts for being good all year
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That's not frightening at all.
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Omg... This is horrifying.  I freaking love it!
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This illustrates perfectly why I don't enjoy the idea that some old man is breaking into your house because he likes children. Brilliant!
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