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About me: An underemployed applied mathematician with an undergraduate background in Physics and graduate work in Engineering, an amateur writer, actor and photographer. Just sketching this in, at present, but this will be connected to a blog that will often be focused on the night. To quote my Google profile:

"Have been known to suffer from insomnia, and allowed myself to enjoy the experience. ...

Imagine this - You aren't going to sleep and what work you've been able to find wouldn't usually be thought of a being conventional. There is no office that you have to be at, in a few hours, and so there's no real reason to fight this. Instead of laying down and suffering, you decide to go out and explore a world that circumstances have put you in a position to discover.

People are out drinking and maybe you join them in this - in moderation. No beer for you. You much prefer wine or liqueur, which you enjoy with some tapas ... You look out on the darkened city, taking in the transitory moments of beauty the moonlight reveals as the moving shadows it casts vaguely reveal forms that you can't entirely discern, off in the distance ...

It is a strange, dark morning that follows before dawn, as more and more people go to off to sleep, a morning made stranger by your condition, which the few shots of tequila you've just enjoyed have done nothing to alleviate. But you are well, if slightly bewildered, and as the eastern sky starts to show those faint signs of light, you know that you will have a story to tell, one that is told from the point of view of somebody who on a shadowy night, couldn't be entirely sure of what was real or what was not, but had certainly encountered something unusual.

Imagine that night, and you might have an idea of what my blog will be about."

In part, a significant part, a fiction blog, in which I will leave it to you to tell what is real and what is not, written for those who have enough sense to be able to do so. If, on noting the paranormal and supernatural groups I've subscribed to, you draw the conclusion that I really believe in vampires and such - no, I do not. But I am happy to create a fictive reality in which they do exist.

My Webcam photo is Lodz 11 by CanisMaiorus.

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fiction writing, photography, photomanipulation, cooking, mathematics, electrical engineering

Nine Months Later

Nine Months Later

Following up on Patience and Kindness are wasted on some people:  I'm going to repost the contents of a support ticket which I just submitted, with a little information removed - the urls for the tickets to which I refer (because I'm fairly sure that you won't be able to go there) and the name of the offending employee because ... You know, I really don't know why, but it seemed like the thing to do. Inserting the words "name deleted" would mangle the prose, however, so I'll give the employee a pseudonym. Let's call him George Bush, so nobody will be able to say "it sounded to me like that was supposed to be his real name" and be taken serio

Patience and Kindness are wasted on some people ..

Patience and Kindness are wasted on some people ..

... and some of those people work for DeviantArt. Let's take a look at the latest support ticket I've posted, only to find myself greeted with silence, as you can see in this screenshot. Remember that post from four days ago? As of this hour, it is still not in the feed for this blog. I wrote to support, after noticing that something was wrong. "Feb 04 12:19 am My blog feed: This is currently empty, even though I posted to my blog 14 hours and 50 minutes ago. Yes, I do un

Finally, this idiot posts something

Finally, this idiot posts something

Yes! I have a camera. Now I just have to learn how to use it. A still camera, that is, and a digital, which is what I need. As I explained on the homepage for Sleepless in Chicago - which, by the way is just chock full of things in which those who live to be offended can find deepest satisfaction - a tripod was not an option for shooting in my location. In the introduction to that Flickr group, in which I explain some of the facts of life to some of the rich kids who just moved in from the suburbs two minutes ago (and so still already know everything), I explain why bringing a tripod is a bad idea, and something I absolutely can't allow on a

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