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My chelsea-hawk

My hair
just to answer questions that may occour,
i use hairspray and a blowdryer to put it up it takes around fifteen minutes, i don't put it up every day, usually once a week, i can usually keep it up and looking this good for about three days before it falls down. The hairspray i use is pump it up gold, or rave#4. To sleep on it isn't that hard, considering i sleep on the side of my head anyways.
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Amazing! I wish i could do this with my hair but it just wont stay! nice work ^-^
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love girls with hawks<3
on account of i have one too.

picture of the front of it?
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I wish I had your hair..
I'd get disowned if I ever got hair like that.. sadly
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i didn't tell my parents when i got it, they were dissapointed in me, but i argued that it's my body and my hair and they have no control over it.
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Absolutely adoring your chelseahawk. :) I've been debating on cutting my hawk some to get at least the bangs going.

I did the same thing as you when I got my deathhawk. Same argument and everything. They still hate it, but they respect that it's just hair and something *I* like.
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that's what i'm gonna say when i get mine. x]
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I wish I would've done that back before I cut my hair really short. I'm still a pansy ass when it comes to standing up to my parents about anything..
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that's fuckin amazing, props.
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