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Sam and Max - Teen Titans

Sam & Max the Freelance Teen Titans

This is a request from my cousin, big fan of Sam & Max, who also requested the Sam & Max Freelance Tamers fanart I did awhile back. This is like a desktop wallpaper. Sam & Max are the Freelance Teen Titans. Here Sam is Ravan and Max is Beast Boy. Why? I don't know myself.

The initial poses were inspired by various offical Teen Titans Go Comic poses. If you noticed the background is familiar, it is because this was later used for my version of Nightlink's Groupshot pic. The background was originally created first for this.

The composition was set up so that qoutes bubbles from Sam & Max can be inserted onto the picture. For example:

Max: "Hey, Sam... How did you get yourself all pale and pastey?"

Sam: "Take a closer look, Max. I've always had this color."

Max: "How so, Sam?"

Sam: "Do you know what 25 disposable razor blades, cheap ass electrolosis, and 10 gallons bikini wax can do to unwanted hair?"

Max: "Ouchie. Couldn't you just dyed yourself like me?"

Sam: "It just wouldn't be the same, Little Buddy."

Sam & Max Characters and Logo © Steve Purcell
Teen Titans Beast Boy and Raven © Warner Bros.; DC Comics
Art © Jodi S. (a.k.a. Mimi, Myself, & Iz.)
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Max: "Can next time i wear the leotard?!"

rabiesartist666's avatar
immA give u three second s 2 delete this
BigMacSama's avatar
So wait, I'm confused. What makes Sam the Dog a good choice for Raven? I can understand Max as Beast Boy, but why Sam as Raven?
HyperVoiceActing's avatar
That's part of the joke
BigMacSama's avatar
Okay, but I still didn't find it funny, just confusing.
HyperVoiceActing's avatar
A lot of Sam and Max in general doesn't make sense, when you really stop to think about it
BigMacSama's avatar
I don't know, it's got the similar intelligence of Animaniacs and comedic shtick that Ren and Stimpy is known for, but more surreal than ya think. I think Nostalgia Critic said it best that you'd have to be focused on it, kinda like when you watch Inception in a way but in animated form and without Leonardo DiCaprio in it.
HyperVoiceActing's avatar
I'm not talking about the dialog and inner workings of the characters. I meant the scenarios and settings they're usually in.
HyperVoiceActing's avatar
Sam's got MUCH better legs than Lady Legalis
Lynus-the-Porcupine's avatar
Boy, great stuff, sis! :XD: Two of my favorite charas fused with one of my favorite DC series! Neat!
lightyearpig's avatar
"Evil beware, we have Glazed McGuffins!"
Tristan-Lock's avatar
Sam as cyborg be better
Or max as  Raven and Sam as StarFire
Tdf666's avatar
Im both horrified and amused
GiroroBaller236's avatar
I like Max as Beast Boy  :iconadorableplz:
cobrojohn's avatar
Sam would be better as robin.
artistnae04's avatar
True, I like it but it's true
DayBrite's avatar
OH GOSH Sam is the LAST person i needed to see in a unitard!
AzabacheSilver's avatar
I never, never, never would have seen Sam dressing up as Raven. Robin maybe, but not Raven. Though I can definitely see Max as Beast Boy.
DarknessPanthera's avatar
i like raven... its a bit offending to make her so fat... (sfx:tear)
UnknownSoulCollector's avatar
....what the ell is that?
Teentitansgo144's avatar
ok that's just wrong
trainguy112's avatar
There should be something called Sam and Max meet the Teen Titans. Can you imagin Starfire hugging Max? And maybe Terra back on the team, too?
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