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Happy Birthday dA!!
am I too late for that...
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beautiful. I conjures Jewel in the Lotus thoughts. 
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Hello once again!!! My friend would love to use this for his cover of his novel on Wattpad. Would you allow me to edit it for him? (just adding the title and his user name). I will make sure he gives all credit to you. :meow:
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Crap. Sorry for such a super late reply!!!! I give full permission for it! I hope you just went ahead and used it lol i don't mind :)
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Its alright! X3 I went ahead and added text but my friend wanted to make sure to get your permission first. Thanks so much!
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Fantastic, Love it!
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Your welcome! and thanks for llama.
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woww this is crazy pretty
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this is soo cool !
I would really love to know ,how did you make this?
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Its made with a fractal program called apophysis
Great!! I may not be an artist but do not let antone say this is not ART 'cus it is!!
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Awesome, Love your work!
Was wondering if it is allowed to use to make a tag, Siggie or Ava. as a background?
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Sure go for it! if you do so can you be sure to put my name in there somewhere haha :) thanks
Wow this is cool. I saw it on the new article by HQ
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2012? when the earth explodes :P
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love it!!you did a great work!
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One of the first fractal arts I've seen that really impresses me! It's been used as background in the news article "Fractal Universe" and I can see why!
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>O< fragile and beautifully done, thats my impression about this :')
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Thanks alot haha :)
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Love the colour scheme :)
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Very beautful stuff. :)
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